Best Sexual Positions for Getting Pregnant Faster

Best Sexual Positions for Getting Pregnant Faster

Trying to conceive a child can be a very exciting time. It is also a wonderful excuse to spend some more intimate moments with your partner. However, even though we all love any excuse to cuddle under the covers, when you are trying to conceive, every moment matters.

Best Positions for Getting Pregnant Faster

Ask any women (mother or not) on what the best position for getting pregnant is, and you will receive a different answer every time. This is because everyone has a different opinion.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence proving which sexual position is the best to get pregnant. However, there are a few crucial components to keep in mind: a position that encourages deep penetration is preferred, as is a position that uses gravity to help the sperm swim faster. 

Keeping these components in mind, here are a few positions that are great for increasing conception chances:   

Missionary Position

 Since you are both able to gaze lovingly in each other’s eyes, this position is a favorite. The Missionary Position is great for baby making because when you are lying flat on your back, your vagina is angled up towards your cervix. This slant uses gravity to help boost the sperm to reach your egg.

Try placing a pillow under your hips for heightened elevation. A variation here is to stretch your legs straight up into the air and have your partner kneel over you, tucking his knees under your thighs. This extra support helps to keep your uterus tilted – thereby ensuring deeper penetration and making better use of gravity for the sperm’s successful swim.

Another adaptation is to lie on your back with your legs stretched open. Your partner then sits between your knees facing you, also with his legs stretched out. He then lifts up your hips, tilting them slightly towards him. By doing so, your vagina is tilted towards your cervix allowing for deep penetration again, as well as allowing gravity to help those little swimmers to reach the cervix faster.  


Doggy Style Position

This position certainly does not win in the category of most romantic position, but it does provide a very deep penetration, which helps to deposit the sperm extremely close to the cervix. 



Dolphin Position

Only try this position if you are an avid yoga fan. To do this position, you will make a bridge of sorts with your legs. This is done by using your shoulders as support and pushing up your hips towards the ceiling. Make sure to keep your head and neck flat on the floor. Your partner then slips in between your legs and helps support your body by lifting up your bottom.

Although this position is more tricky, it does provide maximum tilting of the uterus. However, it is probably best to take it easy with gentle penetration.  

Regardless of the position you choose, it is always a good idea to remain with your hips slightly elevated for 15 to 20 minutes afterward. This will ensure that the sperm has plenty of time to travel to where it needs to go.



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