Semen Collection Condom


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Semen Collection Condom

With the Male FactorPak, you can perform semen collection naturally and effectively. The complete kit contains the products men need for convenient collection. The Pak includes a sensitive Male Factor condom that allows you to collect sperm samples during intercourse. These samples can then be used for fertility testing and treatments. This more natural method of sperm collection is recommended for couples who are experiencing male factor fertility issues while undergoing IUI or IVF. The right condom for collecting semen will decrease collection anxiety and significantly increase functional sperm in a sample.

A review of published literature shows that total sperm counts, sperm motility, and the percentage of sperm with normal morphology are often 2-3 times greater in men who collected samples in condoms during intercourse.*

The comfortable polyurethane Male Factor condom allows for sample collection during intercourse or during a physician-advised method of achieving ejaculation.

The Male FactorPak condom is:

  • Non-Spermicidal - The biologically inert polyurethane condom maintains semen motility and velocity. No mold release chemicals or powders are used in the condom’s manufacturing.
  • Comfortable & Gentle - An ultra-thin material facilitates sensitivity and high sexual stimulation.
  • Sterile - Individually sealed and packaged

    Easy to Use - Patient simply cleans genitals prior to use, removes condom when erection has ceased after ejaculation, and closes condom with provided twist-tie.

  • Easy to Transport - Patient seals condom in compact pouch with the patient I.D. label, and transports to a physician or laboratory, carrying it close to body to maintain specimen temperature.

We have the essentials for couples trying to conceive - from products that increase sperm counts to comfortable condoms.

Male FactorPak Is a Sperm Collection Condom

If you have not previously used a sperm collection condom for samples, consider purchasing more than one condom. You can order a sperm collection kit that includes two or more condoms, or buy a condom-lubricant package. If lubrication is needed during natural semen collection, Pre-Seed brand lubricant is the only lubricating product that will not harm sperm. A man can apply a small amount of lubricant before putting on the condom. His partner can also use this intimate moisturizer. All purchases will be discreetly packaged for privacy when you shop for specialized products at now!

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