Herb Lore Organic Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs


An organic herbal combination used to help soothe and heal the perineal area after birth.

The organic herbal blend contains the following herbs. When combined together, they provide an antibiotic, anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory solution that will help you heal and soothe inflamed perineal tissues.

  • Help keep swelling to a minimum (especially if the frozen pad method is used)
  • Helps the speed the healing process and fight infection
  • One of Herb Lore's Most Popular Products

Ingredients: Organic Sheperd's Purse, Self-Heal, Garlic, Uva Ursi, Lavender, & Sage

There are several ways to use the herb, all of which will provide relief and healing of your sensitive tissues.

  • Make Frozen Pads - 

    How To Make Them: Make the tea as directed on the bag (Use 1 bag of herbs to 1 gallon of water). Fold sanitary napkins in half (hold top and bottom ends together with adhesive in the middle and pad surface on the outside). Dip the pad into tea, soaking the middle of the pad. Lay the dipped pads into container side by side, in a slight “C” shape to fit your body once they're frozen and separate the pads with saran wrap or wax paper to prevent them from freezing together. Make and freeze the pads before you give birth so you have them ready when you need them most.

    How To Use Them: Wrap one frozen pad in a soft, white (no colors or designs) paper towel (to prevent freezer burn on the skin). Place in a waterproof pair of underwear. Kotex Personal or Depends have waterproof underwear available at the grocery store or drug store. The frozen pad will keep the swelling down and the herbs that you soaked the pad in will help the area to heal. Use a new pad each time you use the bathroom or as you like. One bag of herbs will make a good supply of frozen pads.

  • Peri Bottle 

    Make the tea as directed. Pour cooled tea into peri bottle and have available for rinsing the vaginal/perineal area during and after urination. This idea is recommended for use along with any of the other ways you choose to use your sitz bath herbs.

  • Sitz Bath
    Make the tea as directed. Pour the tea into a sitz bath and soak.

Recommended Use