The Position of Your Cervix in Early Pregnancy

A woman’s cervical position changes through out her cycle. The various positions and cervical mucus qualities will denote how fertile the woman is.

Women, who keep track of the position of their cervix, sometimes wonder if there is a direct correlation between pregnancy and cervix position.

It would be nice if the cervix responded the same way in every woman, when pregnancy is achieved, but unfortunately this is not the case.

After you ovulate, your cervix will change from being high in your vagina and soft feeling to being located lower and firmer feeling. The firmness has been compared to how the tip of your nose feels.

The cervix feel and position WILL change during pregnancy, but the timing of when the change will occur will vary from woman to woman.

Pregnancy will cause the cervix to raise a bit and become softer. For some women, this will happen right before their period is due. For other women, this change will happen quite a while after the pregnancy has already been confirmed.

Due to these difference, cervical position and feel is not a reliable indication of pregnancy.

There are other signs, in addition to cervix position, that might be indications of pregnancy.

Some common signs of pregnancy include:

  • Backaches not related to physical exertion
  • Sore, swollen or tender breasts
  • The to visit the bathroom more often – to urinate or vomit.
  • A hyper sense of smell with odd aversions to certain smells
  • Feeling tired and run down all the time
  • Frequent headaches

Ultimately, the confirmation of pregnancy has to be made via a pregnancy tests, either taken at home or at your doctor’s office.

  • amy

    Here’s the thing, I have had 5 pregnacies and I am 100% that I’m now about 4 weeks preg with #6. EXCEPT 4 outta 5 hpt have came bk negative. I had an ultrasound done 3 days before my missed period. ( for other reasons) the tech said that my wall was thick. And assumed it was that way bk I was due. So anyways on the 21 of sept I started spotting, it lasted for 8 hours ( I could have worn a panty liner) and then nothing! Dried up. Let me just say that I am always a FULL 7 days and heavy. So again, here I am, all the preg symptoms, and the ” just know” mother intuition, with let me add, a soft cervix. And STILL negatives hpt. I’m scared to go to my docs incase he miss diagnoses me due to lack of positive tests. Sorry this is so long, I also want to add that for my 5th preg, I didn’t know I was preg and was rushed to the emergency due to severe abdominal pain, they did an ultrasound and thought that they had seen a tubal. Nice way to find out eh? Anyways If anyone has any answers or similar situation it would really be helpful.

  • Vickie B.

    Where did the positive pregnancy test fall in the 5 that you took? Did your period start yet?

  • elysia

    Um I haven’t had the nerve to buy a test yet . and I did have sex all through ovulation . but I have this weird discharge its white and I’m wet a lot these last few days but I’m not infected and I’m not in the mood for sex a whole lot . My boobs always hurt but I don’t think their pregnant lol and I had a few sign like I felt like sick at 10 am and my back is sore and I’m like blowing my days off because I’m just tired and I got headaches and cramps like I think it was a muscle contraction . but my period was dec 26/13 they start for a few days before each month starts . but any ways I’m paranoid .

  • kasey

    okay let me backtrack a little bit. my son was born last April, ever since then I’ve had heavy periods ever since (9 to be exact). lasts for 7-9 days and I had to change a super plus tampon every 1 1/2 – 2 hours. I usually start on the 26th or 27th of each month. this time around I was 8 days late and started “bleeding” on the 5th more brown than ( 7th of feb ) I just finished “bleeding”… I wanted to see how long I could go without changing my tampon (you might think its gross but it was my test to see how much I was bleeding) 10% of a super plus tampon had brownish red blood in 10 hours. yea not a lot compared to my last 9 periods.. after that its been a coral pink. I took a test on the 8th of feb and it came back negative. took a blood test on the 11th and it came back negative. im very confused about this situation. im cramping, fell sick when I eat sometimes, certain foods don’t taste the same to me( makes me gag when I try to eat it), and im tired… im not stressed, nothing has changed with my eating or exercise. everything has been the same so why the late and short “period”?? if you need any other info let me know

  • Trinity

    I’m 8 weeks pregnant and not happy

  • Addy Bernard

    My cervix is high not hard not soft and closed.
    I took a hpt and it was negative (very light I could barely see it)
    Also I have every pregnancy symptom for a few weeks now. (I miscarried 3 month ago)
    I haven’t gotten my period it’s a few days late I just got a lil light blood not like my usual period.

  • Holly Dye Naughton

    You say it was very light…if this is the line that tells you pregnant or not, even a light line means you are pregnant. I am so sorry to hear of your MC, I had one MC and a late term stillborn. The light blood could be implantation bleeding or a sign of onset of period. As you know MCs happen more often very early on. Best wishes to you!

  • Desperate hoping for a baby

    I am 33 years old and my husband and I have been trying for 3 years now. As of today, I am 6 days late and still getting negative pregnancy tests. I am usually pretty on track getting my period every 25 days. I’ve never been this late. I’m so nervous I just want something to ease my mind…..any advice please!

  • Angel

    Have you used a clear blue they pick up really low amounts of hcg

  • Vickie B.

    As you have been trying for over a year with no success, have you gone to see your doctor about this? Usually fertility workups are done if you have been trying this long to find out if there are larger issues at play where your fertility is concerned.

  • Prayingforpositive

    I had an IUD for five years scheduled to have it removed last month but decided in march we were ready for our second miracle, PT after PT they kept coming up with the dreaded one line negative. On the 12th of aug. I started spotting and I mean for long enough to wipe and light pink two days after ovulating, then again on the 22 of aug. I was do to start my period on the 2cnd of this month and I haven’t but still that dreaded one line makes me fear my prayers go unanswered. I tested yesterday and once again neg. I’m always hungry and lower back pains, my face had been acne free for two weeks and I have semi lower abdominal cramps and I look and feel bloated and moody. Any advice? Did I mention I have NEVER spotted before?

  • Vickie B.

    Was it a mirena or copper IUD? If it was the mirena, that has hormones combined with it so removing it could cause some break through bleeding while your body tries to regain it’s hormonal balance.

  • halo

    hello there its 3-4 days dpo and i have checked my cervix and its high and soft could this mean pregancy ?

  • Vickie B.

    It could mean that. Wait 6 more days and take that pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. :)

Last modified: February 14, 2014