How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Book

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Book


Influence The Gender of Your Baby

By ordering a book on how to conceive a boy or a girl, you can learn non-invasive techniques to influence the sex of your baby. For decades, countless couples have relied upon the scientifically supported Shettles Method. When used properly, the method can lead to a success rate of at least 75 percent. Some researchers have reported success rates of up to 90 percent! In the latest edition of his book, Dr. Landrum Shettles shares detailed recommendations on promoting the conception of a girl or boy. Many sex selection methods have come and gone, but the Shettles Method has endured – with continuing investigation into and refinement of its processes. In this newly revised book, Dr. Shettles weighs the pros and cons of sophisticated clinical tests, presents information on ovulation testing, and offers recommendations on recent developments that may help couples achieve even better results.

Book on Choosing the Sex of Your Baby 

Thousands of couples have applied the effective techniques in this popular book about choosing the sex of your baby. And thousands have been blessed with the girl or boy they hoped to conceive. The Shettles Method provides step-by-step instructions that encourage conception of a particular sex. 

The book, “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby,” includes information on:

  • Determining when you ovulate and when to have sex in order to conceive a boy or girl
  • Sexual positions that increase the probability of having a desired gender
  • How to time intercourse so it favors conception of a boy or a girl

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