Herb Lore Teething Tincture


All Natural Teething Remedy

  • Organic herbal blend helps soothe babies and helps alleviate the pain and discomfort of teething.
  • Effective pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory - promotes peaceful sleep and helps alleviate fever.
  • Benzocaine & preservative-free; gluten free and non-gmo - made in the United States
  • Use 2-6 drops of tincture as often as needed - massage directly on gums or on a frozen cloth to chew and suck on.

1 Oz Bottle Contains Approximately 1260 Drops
2 Oz Bottle Contains Approximately 2520 Drops

This combination contains herbs that have been relied on by herbalists and mothers over the centuries to help soothe babies and help alleviate the pain and discomfort of teething. In addition to being an effective pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory, the herbs also help relax babies, help promote restful, peaceful sleep, and help to alleviate any fever that may be present. Rescue Remedy is included in the blend, which is a flower essence that is helpful for babies who are inconsolable and who are so upset that nothing seems to help. It brings them back from "the edge" so that they can relax enough to allow the help that the herbs are providing. 

Ingredients: 100% organic Catnip, Chamomile, Passionflower, Rose & Lavender blossom, with Rescue Remedy flower essence blend. The herbs are extracted in organic vegetable glycerine (made with non-GMO soy) and distilled water. 

Suggested Use: Use 2-6 drops of tincture as often as needed. It can be given directly to the baby orally, it can be massaged into the gums, and it can be put on the corner of a small, clean cloth and frozen to give baby something cold and hard to suck or chew on to alleviate their pain.

If given orally to the baby, do not allow the baby to suck on the glass dropper tube. More can be safely given if needed. 

For relaxation and to soothe frayed nerves, adults can use 1-2 droppersful (squeezes) as desired. 

Note: May cause drowsiness.

Recommended Use