Organic Vitex Capsules - Vitex for Fertility


Herb Lore Organic Vitex capsules help balance your reproductive hormones and regulate your period. Using Vitex for fertility is helpful for women who have the following hormone balance / fertility-related conditions because Vitex works to correct the hormonal imbalances that play a large part in these issues. 

Note: Be sure to discuss the appropriateness of using Vitex to boost your fertility with your doctor.


  • Irregular Cycles *
  • PCOS *
  • Anovulation *
  • Luteal Phase Defect *
  • PMS symptoms *


Each organic vitex capsule contains 265 mg organic vitex chaste berry. A serving size is typically two capsules.


  • 200 Capsule Bottle of Vitex Capsules is about a 7 week supply.
  • 400 Capsule Bottle of Vitex Capsules is about a 3 month supply.


Vitex works exceptionally well but can take up to 3 months of continual use before you see the best results.

Note: Do not take if you are using Clomid, other fertility drugs, or undergoing fertility treatments. Do not use Vitex in conjunction with the birth control pill. It may render it less effective and may result in pregnancy.


Vitex - A Natural Fertility Enhancer for Women

Vitex (also known as Chaste Tree, or Chaste Berry) is one of the best fertility-promoting herbs for balancing hormones and regulating the menstrual cycle.  Additionally, it has a long, safe history of human use.

Vitex helps balance the reproductive hormones which regulate your menstrual cycle and promotes monthly ovulation to increase your chances of conceiving. For women who tend to miscarry chronically, Vitex is safe and beneficial to help support hormonal balance through the first trimester, thus possibly preventing further miscarriages.

Several clinical studies have shown that Vitex stimulates and regulates the hormones involved in ovulation, cycle balance, and menstrual regularity. The study highlighted the fact that those taking Vitex had significantly more confirmed pregnancies than the placebo taking control group. 

Signs Vitex is Working to Improve Your Fertility


There are many symptoms that may indicate that you have a fertility-harming hormone imbalance. 


  • Lack of a monthly period
  • Periods that happen every five or six weeks instead of approximately every 28 days.
  • Extreme PMS symptoms and mood swings
  • Repeated miscarriages


When you take Vitex as recommended, over time, the signs of vitex working may include:


  • Having a period after months of not having one
  • Having periods that are closer to a 28-day cycle
  • Having fewer negative PMS symptoms
  • Getting positive pregnancy test result


Every woman's body is different, so your experience may not be typical.  For most women, vitex supplements do help improve fertility and work well.  If you do see an improvement in your symptoms or your symptoms get worse,  you should stop taking vitex and talk to your doctor.



* Results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




Recommended Use

Suggested Use: 1-2 capsules twice daily. Always start with the lowest dosage first. Begin with 2 capsules daily, then increase the dosage to 4 capsules daily if needed.