Digital Basal Thermometer

Digital Basal Thermometer

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Digital Basal Thermometer For Charting Your Temperature

Includes thermometer storage case and complete instructions with FREE Ovulation Chart

A Basal Thermometer is a vital purchase if you are planning on charting your basal body temperature ( BBT ) in order to find out when your body is going to ovulate. Being able to pinpoint this time is vital in being able to plan the timing of sexual intercourse which results in conception. A wonderful book that helps you understand this process is Taking Charge of Your Fertility. 

The Fairhaven Health Digital Basal Thermometer allows a woman to determine her body temperature for basal body temperature (BBT) charting purposes. 

Features include:  

  • Digital display reads to 1/100th of a degree (e.g. 98.56)
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display
  • Range of 89.6 - 109.4 degrees, reads in Fahrenheit
  • Digital Recall Memory of last temperature reading
  • Thermometer beeps at peak temperature
  • Certified accuracy to 1/10th of a degree
Extra FREE BBT Charts can be downloaded here!  PDF 

What Is a Basal Body Temperature (BBT)?

Basal temperature is the lowest normal body temperature of a person immediately upon awakening in the morning - BEFORE you get up, move around, eat, drink, smoke, talk - if possible, while you are still "half asleep". The best reading of your basal temperature can be taken at the same time every morning when you first awake


Why Is BBT Charting Helpful?

Charting your basal temperature is helpful in determining whether and when ovulation occurs. Ovulation is the release of an egg (ovum) from the ovary and ordinarily happens only ONCE in each menstrual cycle. Conception can take place only if intercourse takes place at or near this time, during the interval of transition between low and high temperatures. 

By carefully recording your basal temperature when you first awaken, you will begin to notice a pattern of temperature fluctuation in your monthly cycle. The slight increase in basal temperature is an indication of ovulation or fertility by which you can regulate a pattern on activity to either achieve conception or avoid pregnancy. 


My thermometer isn't telling me what my last temperature was. 

In order to recall the last temperature is taken, press and hold the on the button until it appears. If you let go of the on the button, the basal thermometer will then ready itself to take another temperature. 

My basal thermometer is reading "Lo". Is my thermometer broken or is the battery running out?

When your thermometer shows "Lo", that is the indication that your basal thermometer is ready to use.