AimStrip Pregnancy & Ovulation Strip Value Packages


Price: $10.29


AimStrip Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Strips

To save you money on your journey to pregnancy, we've created combination packages of ovulation test and pregnancy tests at very reasonable prices.

We have been selling AimStrip products for over a decade and they are very resonably priced and very easy to use.

These packages include:

Ovulation Predictor and Pregnancy Test Value Packs

When trying to conceive, a woman will benefit from a multi product package that includes both an ovulation predictor kit and a pregnancy test. We offer the strips you need for both ovulation (LH) testing and pregnancy (hCG) testing in convenient combo options. Pregnancy tests and ovulation strips may also be ordered with Pre-Seed Lubricant. So you'll have everything you need to plan for pregnancy.

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