AimStrip Pregnancy Test Strip Usage Instructions

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  • The Aimstrip Professional Pregnancy test can be performed at any time of the day. However, testing with first-morning urine is preferable. Do not open the test package until you are ready to perform the test.
  • Collect fresh urine in a clean, dry cup or container preferably glass. The container must be clean.
  • Remove the Aimstrip from the pouch by tearing at the notch. Lay the Comparison Chart below on a flat level surface. The example illustrations shown will help you interpret your test results. Discard the small desiccant pouch.
  • Hold the Aimstrip in a vertical position with the arrows pointing downward.
  • Dip the Aimstrip into the urine sample approximately 1/4 inch and hold it there for 5 seconds. Do Not Dip the Test Past the "Stop Line" or the test results will not be valid.
  • Remove the Aimstrip from the sample and lay it on the Comparison Chart. Be Patient. Wait at least 3 minutes.



While you are waiting for your result, you should notice a colored solution moving across the Aimstrip test area. This migration is normal and is a sign that the test is developing correctly. You need to wait 3 minutes to confirm any result. The test should not be evaluated after 8 minutes. The exact color of the lines is not important.

1 Line = Not Pregnant
If only 1 (one) colored line appears in the "Control Zone", the test is negative and you can assume you are not pregnant.

2 Lines = Pregnant
If 2 (two) colored lines appear, 1 in the "Results Zone" and 1 in the "Control Zone", the test is positive and you can assume you are pregnant. Even if the lines are very light in color, you can still assume you are pregnant (refer to the Common Questions section below). See your health care provider as soon as possible for confirmation and prenatal instructions.


Please note: The colors and appearance of the test strips below are for illustration purposes only.

Invalid Results: 

If a colored line does not appear in the "Control Zone", the test is invalid (see "Examples of Invalid Results".). This can be caused by not holding the Aimstrip in the urine for at least 5 seconds or by dipping past the Stop Line. If you receive an Invalid Result, place the Aimstrip in the urine for an additional 5 seconds and wait 3 minutes. Read the results again using the Comparison Chart. If there is still no colored line in the "Control Zone", the test is invalid and should be repeated using a new Aimstrip pregnancy test. Each test is designed for single use and should not be reused. Invalid results may be an indication of deterioration of the test or that the test was not performed correctly. If you have a test past its expiration date, do not use it.



Positive and Negative Pregnancy Test Strip ResultsA Positive Result (2 Lines, 1 Line in the "Test Zone" end 1 Line in the "Control Zone) indicates that your urine contains hCG (the pregnancy hormone) at or above 20 mIU/ml and you can assume you are pregnant. You should consult your doctor who is best able to further advise you on proper prenatal care. If you are taking medication, telephone him or her immediately and make sure it is safe for your developing baby.

A Negative Result (1 Line in the "Control Zone") means that hCG hormone is not present or is below the sensitivity level of 20 mIU/ ml hCG of the test. You can assume you are not pregnant. If a week passes and your menstrual period is still delayed, you should do an-other Aimstrip pregnancy test. If the result is still negative in the later test, there is little chance that you are pregnant. However, because there could be health-related reasons why you are not menstruating, you should see your doctor without delay.

If your menstrual cycle is irregular, it can be difficult to know the day you have missed your period. If your test indicated you are not pregnant and your menstrual cycle does not begin within a few days, you may have miscalculated your cycle and should use a second Aimstrip pregnancy test.


The test works only if the instructions are followed precisely. Although the test is highly accurate in detecting pregnancy, a low incidence of false results can occur. Check with your doctor if you get unexpected or inconsistent test results. Certain health conditions can also cause a false or irregular test result. The following factors should not affect the test results: alcohol, analgesics (pain killers), antibiotics, and birth control pills. The test should not be used after the expiration date shown on the package. The Aimstrip Pregnancy Test when performed by consumers, showed an accuracy of greater than 99% when compared to controlled laboratory study results.



Q. How does Aimstrip work?

A. When a woman is pregnant, her body produces a special pregnancy hormone known as HCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin). This hormone is produced in small concentrations shortly after fertilization of the egg and generally appears in the urine at detectable levels as early as the first day of a missed menstrual cycle. Production of h CG increases dramatically during the first trimester. At a low sensitivity level of 20 mIU/ml hCG, the Aimstrip can usually confirm a pregnancy within 7-10 days after egg fertilization occurs. A positive result indicates that your urine contains h CG and you can assume you are pregnant. A negative result means that no hCG has been detected and you can assume you are not pregnant.

Q. What if the colored line in "Results Zone" is very light in color, am I pregnant?

A. Yes. You should assume you are pregnant. The exact color of the lines is not important. The test line will be obvious and will appear within 3 minutes. The line should be distinct and not a blotch, shadow, migration or evaporation line all of which always appear after 5 minutes or more. If you are uncertain, repeat the test in 48 hours.

Q. Can the results change after a certain length of time?

A. A positive test result will not change after the test is completed and several hours thereafter. However, a negative test result should not be read after 8 minutes. If you are pregnant, the test line will appear within 3 minutes. Waiting will not make a negative test positive.

Q. What should I do if the test result is negative and I still suspect that I am pregnant?

A. You may have miscalculated when your period was due. If your period does not start within a week, repeat the test. If you still get a negative result and your period has not started, you should see your doctor.

Q. What if I am uncertain about the colored line in the "Results Zone"?

A. If you are uncertain about the colored line in the "Results Zone ", it is recommended that you retest two to three days later using another Aimstrip test. The reason is that h CG hormone increases steadily in the body after fertilization takes place.

Q. What factors can give false positive results?

A. A positive result may be seen if you had a miscarriage or have given birth within the past 8 weeks (since hCG may still be in your system). Certain drugs which contain h CG or that are used in combination with hCG (such as Pregnyl, Profasi, Pergonal, APL) and some rare medical conditions such as trophoblastic disease, islet cell tumors, and some carcinomas can also give false positive results. In these cases, you should always consult with your doctor for help interpreting the results of your test

For In-Vitro Diagnostic Use.
Not for Internal Use.
Keep Out of Reach of Children.
Store at room temperature. (15 to 30C) or (59 to 86F)