Ovulation Tests Strips

Ovulation Test Strips

Get pregnant more easily and quickly by using ovulation test strips to gain valuable, accurate information. FDA-approved ovulation strips will help you identify those crucial days when you are more likely to become pregnant. Our ovulation strips and kits are fast, easy to use, and very reliable. LH ovulation tests measure the Luteinizing Hormone that is significantly elevated in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This hormone encourages the release of the egg from the female body.

When dipped for a few seconds, in a urine sample, a quality ovulation test strip can let you know if your body experiencing its brief, monthly LH Surge. If it is, you can plan intercourse within the next 24 hours to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Ovulation Testing

Gain the knowledge you need when trying to conceive. Essential information is gained with ovulation testing products that pinpoint when fertility is peaking. Combo packs of ovulation tests and pregnancy test strips are available through BabyHopes.com for enhanced convenience and value.
,br> We specialize in providing the most reliable brands of at-home ovulation tests that deliver rapid results in as little as five minutes. Take advantage of our free shipping with privacy packaging as you order ovulation test kits and strips.