Herb Lore Goodnight Combo Sleep Aid


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Goodnight Combo - Helps You Fall Asleep

Herb Lore Goodnight Combo tincture works to help you get rid of the "mental chatter" while promoting restful sleep - without the grogginess or fog in the morning! Safe for use during all stages of your life; before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and while nursing.

This blend of herbs is non-habit forming or addictive. Herbs are organic, wildcrafted and of the finest quality.

Available in :

- 2 oz bottle (about 2 weeks worth)*
- 4 oz bottle (about a month's worth)*

*If used daily

Suggested Use : Use 1-2 droppersful before bedtime or as desired. Not suitable for children or infants.

Using a tincture might be new to you. If it is, you can read all about the difference between the alcohol based and non -alcohol based tinctures and how to use them on our tincture support page.

Goodnight Combo Ingredients: Organic Skullcap, Passionflower, Valerian Root, & White Chestnut Flower Essence. Tincture is extracted into 40% alcohol (Brandy made from grapes)


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