FertilityBlend for Women


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FertilityBlend for Women balances hormones naturally through a scientifically validated herbal/nutritional blend. This formula was created by leading researchers to optimize hormonal and menstrual cycle balance, without the effect of increased multiple births. The blend not only promotes balanced hormones, but also increases levels of reproductive hormones, if they are low, while contributing to ovulation regularity. FertilityBlend is the first nutritional product to synergistically combine key natural ingredients into specially designed men's and women's formulations.

Fertility Boosting Supplement for Women

Support female reproductive health with Fertility Blend for Women, a fertility enhancing supplement that features a patented blend of standardized herbs.

This breakthrough fertility supplement can:

  • Enhance general overall fertility – perfect for anyone!
  • Regulate an irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Balance hormones and encourage regular ovulation
  • Maintain a healthy uterine lining
  • Cleanse the reproductive system of toxins and free radical damage

Suggested Use : 3 capsules daily, preferably 1 with each meal. Or, you can take them all at one time, again, preferably with food. It is suggested to take for a minimum of 3 months, up to 18 months consecutively before taking a break.

Do not take FertilityBlend if you are using Clomid, other fertility drugs, or undergoing fertility treatments. Do not use if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

So what are the ingredients used to boost fertility in women? The herb, Vitex (chasteberry), enhances hormone balance and ovulation frequency. The amino acid, L-arginine, helps to improve circulation in reproductive areas. Green tea, vitamin E, and selenium help to repair oxidative damage due to aging and the environment. Folic acid assists in the reduction of specific birth defects. Vitamins B6 and B12, as well as iron, zinc and magnesium, address deficiencies and promote fertility health.*

Balance Hormones Naturally with FertilityBlend

The Science

FertilityBlend's development is based on published scientific studies of nutritional components that benefit fertility and have a safe history of usage. Both the individual ingredients and the formula have been scientifically studied with highly promising results. Review the clinical FertilityBlend research to learn more.

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