Fertility Products for Men

Improve Sperm Count, Motility and Overall Reproductive Health

Though the health of sperm is based on various factors, sperm count is a key part of fertility. The fewer sperm that are produced, the less chance a partner’s egg will be fertilized. We have powerful blends of vitamins, minerals and herbs, formulated especially for men who need to improve their sperm count. We also offer male fertility supplements that boost the full spectrum of sperm variables, including sperm motility and quality. If a male body is lacking certain nutrients, fertility can be affected negatively. Dynamic supplements are available to correct nutritional deficiencies, while also increasing libido.

BabyHopes provides top formulas featuring ingredients that science has recognized as beneficial to male fertility. You can trust our fertility enhancers to deliver quality components with a record of safety.

DHEA Cream for Men and Women - 4 oz Pump
Dhea cream for men and women is used to help balance hormones, build muscle, increase libido, improve memory and much more.
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FertilAid for Men
FertilAid for Men is a best selling fertility supplement that increases sperm motility, sperm count, and overall sperm quality and health.
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Fertile Male Fertility Supplement - 1 Month Supply
The herbs found in Fertile Male are chosen for their ability to enhance virility and libido and boost healthy sperm count as well as sperm motility.
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Fertility Blend for Men
Daily Wellness Fertility Blend for Men is an overall fertility enhancer that improves sperm count, quality, morphology and motility (spontaneous motion). Made in the USA.
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FertilAid for Men and MotilityBoost Combo
One month supply of FertilAid for Men and MotilityBoost - Fertility supplement that helps improve overall fertility in men with a an extra nutritional focus on improving sperm motility.
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Fertilaid for Men, Motilityboost, & Countboost Combo Pack
This male fertility booster pack contains supplements that help increase overall sperm health, sperm count and sperm motility.
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FertilityBlend for Men and Women - 1 Month Supply
FertilityBlend for Men and Women - Discounted price for 1 month supply combination.
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Fertilaid for Men and Fertilaid for Women
Fertilaid fertility supplements for men and women. Save money over purchasing each product individually. Instead of $29.95 a bottle, the combination pack for 1 month costs $27.99 a bottle. A 2 month supply costs $26.99 a bottle.
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Arginine Gel - 2 oz
Arginine Gel helps improve libido and sexual sensations in both men and women.
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CountBoost for Men
  • Designed to be taken with FertilAid for Men
  • Vitamins, antioxidants, & herbs boost sperm count
  • For men with diagnosed low sperm count
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MotilityBoost for Men
  • Designed to be taken with FertilAid for Men
  • Vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and herbs help improve sperm motility (ability to move actively)and male fertility
  • For men diagnosed with low sperm motility
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Fertile XY Herbal Supplement for Men
Fertile XY is a natural remedy to help support normal testosterone levels and a healthy sperm count and production. Made in the USA.
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Semen Collection Condom
Comfortable, sensitive polyurethane condom. Allows you to collect the sample naturally, during intercourse or physician-advised method of achieving ejaculation. Condom is non-spermicidal and maintains spermatozoa viability.
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Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant
Pre-Seed is a popular sperm-friendly moisturizer! This internal lubricant will not harm sperm and facilitates sperm movement to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
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FertileDetox for Women & Men - Fertility Cleanse
Cleanse and detox herbal formula for men and women. Fertility-enhancing blend suitable for use before and during the time you're actively trying to conceive.
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How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Book
Over the last twenty-five years, thousands of couples have turned to the Shettles method for choosing the sex of their babies. And thousands have been blessed with the boy or girl they hoped for. In fact, the properly applied Shettles method gives couples at least a 75 percent success rate. Some...
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Male Fertility Supplements

Some fertility issues are traced directly to sperm. That’s why we provide male fertility supplements to improve an array of sperm parameters, such as quality, concentration and speed. Formulas that blend male fertility herbs with potent antioxidants can improve sperm characteristics. You’ll find safe nature-based supplements, free of artificial ingredients, to support the production of normal, healthy sperm and increase male fertility. Published studies have verified that organic substances, such as Pycnogenol and CoQ10, are beneficial ingredients in sperm motility supplements.