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Why Buy FertilAid for Women?

  • PROVIDES HOPE OF GETTING PREGNANT SOONER: If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, have PCOS or have irregular cycles, Fertilaid for Women can help regulate your cycles and encourage monthly ovulation. Your chances of getting pregnant and holding that much desired baby are greater if ovulation occurs regularly.
  • USE NATURE TO INCREASE YOUR FERTILITY: Fertilaid for women contains a natural AND effective blend of herbs that are scientifically proven to boost your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Gluten free, dairy free and free of artificial colors and preservatives. Click here to see all the herbs FertilAid for Women contains and find out how they improve your fertility.
  • CONVENIENT TO TAKE: Fertilaid is a full prenatal vitamin and fertility supplement for women in one! Make sure you are getting all the nutrients that you and your baby to be need in order to be healthy. No need to have another supplement to take every day!
  • TRUSTED NAME IN FERTILITY SUPPLEMENTS: Fairhaven Health has been manufacturing fertility supplements for over 15 years. Tens of THOUSANDS of couples have chosen their trusted brand to improve their fertility and help them get pregnant. Add your name to the list of happy new parents today!

How To Take Fertilaid For Women

The recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day. The best way to take it, to prevent stomach upset, is to take one capsule with each meal. You can begin taking the fertility pills as soon as you get them. You do not need to wait until a certain point in your cycle. Keep taking the FertilAid for Women until you get you much awaited for positive pregnancy test! Each bottle contains 90 capsules which is a 1-month supply.

Can I Take FertiAid for Women If I Have a Regular Cycle?

Many women have taken Fertilaid even if they have regular cycles. The ingredients help provide a tune up for your reproductive system and can optimize how your cycle performs. Having said that, some women have found that their cycle changed when they started taking it. If you are concerned, you can opt for a supplement that has fertility supporting ingredients other than those with vitex in them. Ovaboost, Myo-Inositol and FertileCM are all helpful, non vitex containing, fertility supplements.

Why Fertiaid for Women is the Logical Choice

The fertility boosting ingredients in FertilAid for Women contain 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals for trying-to-conceive women. FertilAid features a balanced, preconception dosage of Folic Acid, which is important in preventing birth defects. PABA is another key ingredient in FertilAid for Women. One clinical trial reported that 12 of 16 previously infertile women were able to become pregnant after supplementing with PABA over a period of several months. FertilAid stands out among natural fertility boosters as the only non-prescription product for women that provides complete vitamin and antioxidant support. There's no need to buy an additional prenatal supplement! Studies indicate that preconceptional multivitamin support may enhance fertility.* When choosing an all-natural fertility drug with herbs, consider that FertilAid:
  • Contains NO artificial dyes, colors, or preservatives
  • Has Ob/Gyn and M.D. approval
  • Contains more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than many other leading fertility supplements combined

We also carry a Fertilaid product which has been formulated as a fertility supplement for men. We make it easy to order trusted brands of fertility herbs and supplements!

Please note: Most prenatal vitamins do not meet the RDA for Calcium, so you will need to purchase another supplement to make sure you get the required amount. Please consult your doctor to find out what is best for you.

* Czeizel AE, Metneki J, Dudas I. The effect of preconceptional multivitamin supplementation on fertility. Internat J Vit Nutr Res 1996;66:55-8.

Fertilaid For Women Reviews

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Sad Lady
on 04/24/18
Doesn't seem to be working.
Unfortunately I did not get pregnant after 3 months of use. However it did regulate my menstrual cycles a little. I am not sure if I should keep taking them or just stop.
Reviewed by Laura
on 03/17/18
Success Story!
My husband and I both started taking the Fertilaid vitamin after trying to get pregnant for over two years with no success. We started taking them in November and found out we were pregnant in February!
Reviewed by Deanna
on 02/20/18
Didn't make much of a difference
I ovulate regularly on my own so wasn't sure if I should try the FertilAid for Women. I purchased this product hoping to lengthen my luteal phase, which is typically 11 days. After 5 months of taking as recommended, there was no change so I stopped taking it. I take FertileCM as well and think that is helpful for me.
Reviewed by Angie
on 02/05/18
Making a Difference
I just started taking the Fertilaid and I am seeing a difference already. I'm in my late thirties and I really recommend this product. My periods have become more regular since I have started taking it. If I don't get pregnant this month, I will definitely be back to get a another bottle.
Reviewed by Isabel
on 12/18/17
Not pregnant yet
I am not pregnant yet, but I take these pills because they do regulate my period. My doctor told me I would have to get on birth control if I wanted my period to arrive regularly. I want to get pregnant, so that was not an option for me. (You'd think the doctor would realize that!) Before I started taking Fertilaid for women, I had a period once every 2-3 months, but now that I take these pills I have a regular period! Having a regular period is helping me figure out when I am ovulating.
Reviewed by Sarah
on 11/13/17
Not Pregnant, but Positive Changes!
I've suffered with PCOS issues for over 5 years. I've been taking Fertilaid for about 3 months. AT around 2 months I saw an increase in my egg white (fertile) cervical mucus. Due to the PCOSm I rarely saw this. It looked like a sign that I might actually be ovulating!I'm still not pregnant, but recent blood tests have confirmed that my hormone levels are normal!! WOO HOOO! I only added Fertilaid to my day to day vitamins so that HAS to be the reason. Got my fingers crossed that I see a positive pregnancy test soon!