10 Aimstrip Pregnancy Test Strips - Overstock Sale!

10 Aimstrip Pregnancy Test Strips - Overstock Sale!

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Overstock Sale! 

We are basically giving these pregnancy tests away!  We have way too many to sell through by their expiration date of August 31, 2019, so instead of throwing them away when they expire, we want you to have them!

All you pay is $3.99 to cover the cost of mailing the pregnancy tests to you.  



Highly sensitive Aimstrip pregnancy test strips are a higher quality product that is less expensive than the typical drugstore, pee-on-a-stick brand – also known as a POAS pregnancy test. 

AimStrip products detect the pregnancy hormone at 20 mIU/ml hCG, making them an ideal TTC pregnancy test. To use an AimStrip test, you collect a midstream urine sample in a suitable specimen container (Dixie cup, new plastic cup, etc.) which you provide and then dip the test as per the instructions.