Herb Lore Organic Liquid Vitex Tincture


  • HERB LORE ORGANIC VITEX TINCTURE: Works gently, with the pituitary gland, to balance women's hormones no matter where she is in her life cycle - PMS symptoms, fertility issues and menopause symptoms can all be helped by taking vitex chaste berry.
  • VITEX TINCTURE EXTRACTED IN 40% ALCOHOL (BRANDY) - Alcohol can extract the medicinal qualities of the hard vitex berries more fully than the nonalcohol extraction methods. If the taste of the tincture is too strong, you can add the dose to a small amount of hot water and the alcohol will evaporate off leaving the herbal components. You can mask the flavor in your favorite drink. Each dose has about the same alcohol content as eating a very ripe banana.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR PMS RELIEF: Herb Lore’s vitex supplement can help provide PMS support. and can reduce troublesome PMS symptoms like acne, irritability, and cramps.
  • POWERFUL FERTILITY SUPPLEMENT FOR WOMEN: Vitex supports improved hormonal balance and increase fertility. It encourages monthly ovulation and regular menstrual cycles to improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally.
  • PROVIDES MENOPAUSE RELIEF OF TROUBLESOME SYMPTOMS: Can help reduce the severity symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings.

Suggested Use: 1-2 droppersful twice daily. Best if used over an extended period of time. A Droppersful = Bulb Squeeze = Approximately 30 drops of liquid tincture. Glass tube will only be partially filled with the tincture. Taking the tincture directly under the tongue and avoiding any liquids or foods for at least 15 minutes afterward provides the best results.

4 oz bottle will last about one month.

Do not use Vitex in conjunction with the birth control pill. It may render it less effective and may result in pregnancy. Do not take if you are using Clomid, other fertility drugs, or undergoing fertility treatments.

Vitex (also known as Chaste Tree, or Chaste Berry) is one of the best fertility-promoting herbs for balancing hormones and regulating the menstrual cycle with a long, safe history of human use.

Vitex helps balance the reproductive hormones which regulate your menstrual cycle and promotes monthly ovulation to increase your chances of conceiving.

There have been several clinical studies that have shown that Vitex stimulates and regulates the hormones involved in ovulation, cycle balance, and menstrual regularity. One of the important things to notice from these studies is that there were significantly more confirmed pregnancies achieved while taking Vitex, as compared to the control group's use of a placebo.

Recommended Use