Herb Lore Organic Astragalus Tincture


Organic Astragalus Helps Boost Immune System Function

  • HERBAL IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER - Astragalus root extract naturally strengthens your body’s ability to stay healthy. When taken regularly, it can help you dodge the waves of illness that can run through work and school environments.
  • ASTRAGALUS ROOT EXTRACTED IN 40% ALCOHOL (BRANDY) - Alcohol can extract the helpful qualities of the root herbs better than the non-alcohol extraction methods. The tincture can be taken by putting two dropperful under your tongue or adding it to your favorite drink. If the tincture tastes too sharp, adding a dosage to hot water will evaporate off most of the alcohol leaving the immune boosting herbal properties.
  • 100% ORGANIC ASTRAGALUS ROOT - Non-GMO, gluten-free, caffeine free and made in the USA. Astragalus root immune supporting properties are extracted in an alcohol (brandy) base that is suitable for adult usage. Children should use the non-alcohol version.
  • SAFE FOR PREGNANT AND BREASTFEEDING MOMS - The alcohol content of a dose is about the same as the amount of alcohol in a very ripe banana. 

SERVINGS AND USAGE: 2 oz bottle contains about 84 droppersfull. 4 oz bottle contains 168 droppersfull. A Droppersful = Bulb Squeeze = Approximately 30 drops of liquid tincture. Glass tube will only be partially filled with the tincture. Taking the tincture directly under the tongue and avoiding any liquids or foods for at least 15 minutes afterward provides the best results. Caution: Do not use in the presence of a fever.

Adults - Take 1-2 droppersful 2 to 3 times a day. Children - Use the non-alcohol version.

If you are already sick, use Organic Echinacea Tincture instead.

Using a tincture might be new to you. If it is, you can read all about the difference between the alcohol based and non-alcohol based tinctures and how to use them on our tincture support page.

An immune system enhancing herb which works well for individuals who are weakened, who suffer from frequent infectious illnesses, or who have poor digestion or nutritional status. It helps strengthen the immune system, helping keep people healthy and from becoming sick in the first place.

- Supports deep immune and liver functions
- Encourages overall immune system health and stamina
- Nourishes natural defenses
- Reinforces resistance to stress
- Aids the body's inherent ability to adapt to temporary stress

Astragalus root has a long history of being an immune system booster.

Herblore Organic Astragalus tincture comes in both an alcohol-based formula, perfect for adults, and a non-alcohol glycerine based formula that is perfect for children and adults that want a sweeter based tincture.

Recommended Use