Relieving Pregnancy Symptoms Naturally

Relieving Pregnancy Symptoms Naturally

Ginger tea for morning sickness.

You’re pumped up about being a new mother. However, you’re not sure if you’re ready for the headaches, nausea, heartburn, and hemorrhoids that are common symptoms of pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are natural and safe solutions that help women feel better and make their journey through pregnancy with the least amount of discomfort.

Morning Sickness

Experts recommend morning sickness sufferers should take in protein-rich foods such as a warm glass of milk, a serving of yogurt, or a cheese stick. Peppermint or sour candy, ginger ale, and ice water also help soothe your nausea. You’ll want to avoid spicy or greasy fare.

Ginger is historically a natural morning sickness remedy. Many OB/GYN recommends nauseated mothers to take a ginger pill every morning, then another at bedtime. Optionally, you can make a soothing tea by brewing fresh ginger in boiling water.



Prevent hemorrhoids by keeping hydrated and introducing fiber to your diet.

Primary fiber sources are beans, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and prune juice.

To relieve hemorrhoids, soak your backside in a warm tub or sitz bath for a few minutes a couple of times every day. The sitz bath is made to be placed over your toilet. This might be easier than trying to get in or out of your tub.

Some other options include:

  • Using moistened, fragrance-free, and plain toilet tissue.
  • Use a cold pack.
  • Don’t sit for extended periods.
  • Use the bathroom when you need to. Don’t hold it.

These recommendations won't fix your problem, but they will increase your comfort level.



Keeping control of your blood sugar, getting regular exercise, and resting while you’re pregnant will help with headache prevention. Shoulder and neck massages can help, or you might apply cold or hot compresses.



Eat small, low-fat meals instead of big meals. Avoid eating citrusy, greasy, or spicy foods. You might also want to keep in mind:
  • Sugar-free chewing gum is known to stimulate your saliva glands and neutralize the acid.
  • Doctors suggest you wait after eating before lying down.
  • Keep your head elevated as you sleep.

These pregnancy symptoms usually are just causes of discomfort and aren’t generally life-threatening to you or your baby.

However, the decreased level of comfort can lead to higher stress levels. In turn, your baby will feel the effects of your elevated tension.

If any of these problems persist, contact your doctor if you think something is wrong.


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