If I Missed My Period, Does That Mean I am Pregnant?

If I Missed My Period, Does That Mean I am Pregnant?

No matter what age a woman is, missing a period generally leads to thoughts of pregnancy. Unless you can rule out pregnancy due to having no sexual intercourse, missing a period can lead to extreme happiness in some women and terrible fear in others.

Even though the most commons signs of pregnancy are a missed period, nausea, breast tenderness, and fatigue, it is essential to understand that these are just symptoms and not actual confirmations.

Pregnancy Tests

Rule out pregnancy by taking a home pregnancy test as soon as you realize that you have missed a period. Such tests are widely available online and over-the-counter. When performed correctly, these pregnancy tests have a 97% accuracy rate.

If the test is negative, and you are trying to conceive and have missed more than three to six months of periods, then you will need to see a doctor. Your doctor can help you find out the reason behind your missed periods and can prescribe a treatment protocol to help you conceive.

If the pregnancy test is negative, then you will need to figure out what the probable cause is of your missed period.

A missed period can occur for several reasons and vary between women.


Chemical Causes of a Missed Period

The Mayo Clinic proposes several chemically based reasons for missed periods or amenorrhea.

A missed period can occur if you have recently started using contraceptives, or are switching from one brand to another. This is due to the change in the balance of hormones in your body.

Taking certain prescribed medications may also cause this, including antipsychotics, anti-depressants, benzodiazepine-based medications, blood pressure medications, and even undergoing chemotherapy.

In some cases, although the medications are essential for your daily health, some alternatives can restart your menstruation.

A doctor can recommend the best course of treatment according to your specific situation.


Natural Causes of a Missed Period

A missed period not caused by pregnancy can also be an indication of menopause.

In someone, too young for this to be a factor, certain lifestyle influences can also cause the problem. Stress is a significant influencer in this case, and if you are extremely anxious or stressed out, you may find that you do not ovulate or get a period.

If your body weight is below the average weight for your age or height, or if you are anorexic or bulimic, you may experience an absence of a period due to abnormal hormone release.

Similarly, if your daily fitness regime is excessive and you are hard on your body, then you could also miss a period. Cheerleaders, gymnasts, and dancers who need to exercise at least six hours a day more commonly experience a missed period.

A missed period due to stress can easily be fixed by learning a few stress management skills. If you believe that your missed period is due to weight loss or an eating disorder, then please get help from a medical professional.


Hormonal Causes of a Missed Period

There are specific hormonal conditions that can cause missed periods, including polycystic ovaries, thyroid imbalance, pituitary gland problems, and even premature menopause. A doctor will be able to diagnose these conditions.

It is vital that if you miss your period and know that you are not pregnant, you should make a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. This will determine whether there are any problems in your reproductive system.


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