Can Egg Whites Help Me Get Pregnant?

Are you trying to conceive? If so, you may be surprised that egg whites (not the yolk) may actually be the answer to helping you get pregnant. It sounds surprising to many women, especially those who have tried everything with no success. However, many women are trying this inexpensive and easy way to try and conceive and it’s working for many of them. If you really want to get pregnant and have not tried the egg white method then give it a try. It won’t hurt and it might end up in a pregnancy! Getting Started You will want to track your ovulation so you know when your most fertile times are. When you know it is your best chance at getting pregnant you will want to take an egg and sit in on the counter for a while until it becomes room temperature. You will need to crack the egg and separate the yolk from the white immediately before having sex so that you have time to place the egg white (that’s room temperature!) into your vagina. Remember, just the white, not the yolk as the yolk could introduce bacteria into your body. Also, you need to use the egg white immediately after cracking it. Leaving it cracked and separated for more than a few minutes could result in the egg white being contaminated with bacteria. Once you have the egg white inserted you are ready to get your groove on! How Does it Work? There is no guarantee that you will get pregnant using this method, however the egg whites do create an environment that is sperm friendly because it is similar to mucus. This helps the sperm travel to the egg and fertilize it. If you are ovulating then you will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Egg Whites Not For You? If the idea of using egg whites in this fashion makes you a little squeamish, you should have a good look at Pre-Seed. It has been formulated to provide the optimal environment to help the sperm to get to where they need to be without compromising the health of the sperm.

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