How to Conceive a Girl with The Shettles Method

How to Conceive a Girl with The Shettles Method

Increase Your Chances of Conceiving a Girl

Many couples have used the Shettles Method to increase their chances of having a baby girl. In this article, we will provide a basic overview of his approach. Purchase the book for more in-depth instructions.

Landrum B. Shettles developed this method to help couples conceive a baby of a specific sex. By following the Shettles Method, couples can increase their likelihood of conceiving a girl. It's important to remember that the method isn't 100% accurate. Shettles claims a success rate between 75% to 90% if you follow the instructions.

Shettles discusses three main aspects to consider when you are trying to conceive a girl.  They are ovulation, the timing of intercourse, and sexual position.

Knowing the Timing of Ovulation is Important

Shettle states that "boy" sperm are more fragile. They won't last as long as the "girl" sperm after having sex. You will need to KNOW when you will be ovulating if you are trying to have a girl.

You will want to track your ovulation for several months before actively trying to get pregnant. There are three main ways to determine when you will be ovulating. They are BBT charting, cervical mucus charting, and using ovulation predictor tests. When you use all three methods, you can increase your chances of conceiving a girl.

Having Intercourse at Precise Times

You need to have sex 3 or 4 days before ovulation to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. None of the ovulation prediction methods above will notify you like that. You need to gather information on how your cycle works for several months first.

BBT charting will let you know when you have already ovulated. Your monthly charts will show you how regular your cycle is. You will be able to figure out when you ovulate after you evaluate the data.

Three to four days before ovulation, your cervical mucus increases in acidity. Girl sperm tends to thrive in such an environment. Boy sperm does not like the acidity and doesn't survive as well.

When your cervical mucus has a consistency similar to raw egg whites, you must be careful. This is a sign of a more fertile and less acidic environment which is more favorable to boy sperm.

Ovulation predictor kits have a positive result 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. If you're trying to conceive a girl, you should have stopped having sex before you see the positive ovulation test result.

Keep a monthly record of when you see positive results. You should see a pattern in your cycle length. You can figure out when to have sex based on previous test results.

Shettles says you need to have sex 3 to 4 days before ovulation to conceive a baby girl.  If you continue having sex after that, your chances of conceiving a girl will drop.

Using the Right Sex Position

The Shettles Method says that sexual positions with shallow penetration are best if you want to conceive a girl. The entrance of the vagina is more acidic than the rest of the vagina. 

As "girl" sperm prefer an acidic environment, ejaculation close to the entrance of the vagina is best. Missionary position, with the woman on the bottom, is best for conceiving a girl.   If possible,  you should try and avoid having an orgasm.  The muscle contractions can help the "boy" sperm get to the right place for conception.  

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