Many couples need lubrication to do the love dance. However, with couples trying to conceive it can be a challenge to find a lubrication that works but that will not impair the ability to conceive. Artificial lubricants and petroleum based lubricants should be avoided and since they make up the majority of the market many couples trying to conceive feel like their options are very limited. However, there are a few options to help with lubrication for couples trying to conceive.

The first option is to simply get physical. Increasing foreplay before the love dance can assist with increasing lubrication and making intercourse more enjoyable. Not to mention, when there is more foreplay the entire experience can be more pleasurable for the couple and especially the woman.

The second option is Pre Seed Lubricant. This is a lubricant that works very well for couples trying to conceive and it is sperm friendly while other lubricants aren’t. Not many couples are aware about Pre Seed lubricant and its ability to help lubricate all the while allowing conception to be achieved. Many couples have used Pre Seed lubricant and conceived even after believing they would never be able to conceive.  So, if you need extra lubrication and you want to conceive then you should definitely give Pre Seed lubricant a try. They have a money back guarantee, too, so you won’t be losing anything if the lubricant doesn’t work for you. However, the vast majority of users absolutely love it so you should give it a try.

Once you use it give me your feedback and let me know how it works for you. It is very rare that women will have a reaction to this lubrication, either, and in the rare case there is a reaction in many cases the women is actually pregnant! So, keep this in mind in case you do have a reaction to the Pre Seed lubricant! Report back here and let me know how it works for you, what you like, how much you use, and more!