Herb Lore Organic Astragalus Tincture


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Organic Astragalus Helps Boost Immune System

  •  Herblore Organic Astragalus Tincture helps strengthen the immune system, helping keep people healthy and from becoming sick in the first place.
  •  Best when taking consistently like a multivitamin.
  •  Safe for pregnant and nursing women.
  •  Non-alcohol version safe for children. See included dosage chart for proper dosing based on age of child.
  •  Regular tincture is extracted in 40% Alcohol. Recommended for adults. Children should use the non-alcohol version of this tincture.
  •  2 oz bottle contains 84 droppersful and asts approximately 2 weeks.
    4 oz bottle contains 168 droppersfull and lasts about a month.

If you are already sick, use Organic Echinacea Tincture instead.

Using a tincture might be new to you. If it is, you can read all about the difference between the alcohol based and non-alcohol based tinctures and how to use them on our tincture support page.

Astragalus root has a long history of being a immune system booster. With consistent use, Astragalus will build your immune system so you don't catch every infection that crosses your path.

When given to children, the non-alcohol Astragalus tincture may help your child stay healthy when everyone else isn't! Taking Astragalus before the start of school may create a smoother transition into the new school year.

Suggested Use: 1-2 droppersful 2-3 times daily. Best if taken on a daily, long term basis.

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