Many women are interested in increasing their odds of pregnancy and exercise may help. In fact, fertility is linked very closely to exercise and women who get too much exercise may impact their ability to conceive as women who don’t get enough exercise may affect their ability to conceive. The amount of body fat on a woman is affected through exercise and having either too much or too little body fat can cause infertility. Because of this individuals interested in getting pregnant should evaluate how much, or how little, exercise they are getting.

One problem that many women find is that too much exercise can cause infertility. This is shocking to many women who seek to be healthy and fit. However, not having enough body fat can cause women to ovulate infrequently. This is because body fat helps regulate estrogen. Interestingly enough women who are obese may not be able to get pregnant, either. In fact, more than 10% of infertility cases are caused by being overweight. The amount of estrogen in the body increases due to fat so women who are overweight may have too much estrogen. This can affect ovulation and subsequently fertility. Those who are overweight may also be insulin resistant, too, and this can result in the body producing too much insulin, which can affect ovulation.

Women can begin exercising and eating a healthy diet to improve their odds of conceiving. Women who exercise too much will need to back off somewhat to establish a regular cycle. A doctor can help regulate an exercise and diet plan for women interested in conceiving.

Types of exercise that are recommended include yoga, walking, cycling, and even swimming. A workout plan that includes 30 minute sessions three to four times per week is usually sufficient. Women should not begin a workout routine without talking to their doctor first.