Evening primrose oil is rich in vitamin E and has gamma linolenic acid. Those who cannot create a sufficient amount of this fatty acid may find that evening primrose oil is helpful. This is especially so for women interested in improving their fertility simply because evening primrose oil improves the quality of cervical mucus.

Women with hostile mucus may benefit from supplementing with evening primrose oil because it assists with the production of egg white cervical mucus, which is perfect for fertility. That’s because the mucus is watery and clear and this allows the sperm to swim to the egg. This type of fluid will also assist the sperm to stay alive for several days waiting for an egg to be released if ovulation has yet to occur. Fertilization is obstructed frequently when cervical fluid is brown, thick, or dry. Some women simply don’t produce much mucus and when they are dry this makes it difficult if not impossible for the sperm to swim to the egg. Cervical fluid production will be increased by taking evening primrose oil and drinking sufficient amounts of water.

An omega-6 fatty acid that regulates female hormones to maintain ideal amounts and consistency of fertile cervical mucus.

If you are interested in taking evening primrose oil to assist in mucus production then you should only take it from the time you menstruate until you ovulate. That is because if you do conceive then you could promote uterine contractions with the evening primrose oil and this is not a good idea. You should take anywhere from 1500 mg to 3000 mg every day to improve cervical mucus.

If you have problems with your cervical mucus and believe this could be causing a problem with conception then you should give it a try. There is no reason not to and it is quite affordable. Give it a try and you will likely see an improvement in your cervical mucus within a week. It should appear similar to an egg white and this is what will create the best environment for the sperm to travel to the egg. Taking evening primrose oil is also recommended when you have PMS because it helps relieve any symptoms you may be experiencing.