There are many different natural aids to fertility. Many of these fertility boosting nutrients and other substances are found in foods. There are some foods, however, that seem to be especially high in nutrients, and that can give a woman who’s struggling with fertility a decided advantage. These fertility “superfoods” tend to help the woman’s reproductive system maintain its optimal health, increasing the chances that they will become pregnant. One of those fertility superfoods is royal jelly. Royal jelly, which is usually mixed with bee pollen, offers a number of important benefits to the woman who’s struggling with fertility.

The royal jelly/bee pollen mixture comes to us from nature. Worker bees produce this substance. The bees use it to help the queen with procreation. Specifically, it is thought to aid in the procreation of a queen bee. Royal jelly is also used by the bees to give their larval bees specific nutrients that they need.

Royal jelly/bee pollen has high concentrations of several fertility related nutrients. These include proteins, amino acids, lipids, Vitamins D and E, Iron, and Calcium. Those nutrients help your body to be healthy overall, and they aid your reproductive system, as well.

People have used royal jelly/bee pollen for many purposes. It is thought to help out with balancing your hormone levels. Women with PCOS may benefit from taking it, as well. It increases libido for some women. Royal jelly/bee pollen also helps to boost your immune system, which in turn gives you resistance against infections and illnesses. It also is thought to help with egg health.

You can take royal jelly/bee pollen as a nutritional supplement. You can buy capsules, although many women prefer the liquid form. The liquid form is usually mixed with honey. You can mix the supplement into your favorite beverage. Hot beverages aren’t usually recommended, however, so watch out for using it in hot tea.

If you’re allergic to bees, you shouldn’t use royal jelly/bee pollen. It can create the same kind of allergic reaction as a bee sting. Also, if you do use it and you notice allergy symptoms, stop taking it right away and contact your doctor.