Your body’s resting temperature is its basal body temperature, or BBT. Generally, this temperature is used to help chart a woman’s fertility and it confirms when ovulation occurred. It does not tell a woman when ovulation will occur, just that it did occur. When the body’s temperature rises slightly after ovulation the basal thermometer will pick up on this slight change. The woman will not be fertile for that cycle because ovulation passed, however it gives women a good predictor for future months.

The triphasic BBT pattern is basically when you can see your temperatures in a pattern of pre-ovulation, ovulation, and implantation. It seems quite amazing that by your body temperature you can gauge when you are ovulating and even when implantation occurs. However, that is indeed the case and for those who are willing to track their temperatures on a regular basis they will be able to tell most likely when they are pregnant even before a pregnancy test could tell them so.

In some cases, a dip in temperature will occur in the third phase during implantation. This can be a bit scary for women who are looking for their temperatures to stay high to signal pregnancy. However, in some women implantation will have a slight dip in temperature. There is no need to get stressed out during this phase because there is nothing that can be done other than waiting it out. Luckily, when you wait out the two weeks from the time that you conceived and the time that you missed your period then you will be able to get a positive pregnancy test most of the time.