cervical_mucus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to know when you are ovulating then you need to know how to check your cervical mucus. In order to get pregnant you will need to time intercourse so that you are either before ovulation or when ovulation is occurring. If you can determine, through your cervical mucus, when you are most fertile then you will have a better shot at timing sex to occur when you are at your most fertile.

Many women will track their ovulation cycle by taking their basal body temperature every day before they get out of bed. This chart is great for predicting when you will ovulate in future cycles, but it only lets you know when ovulation has already occurred. Luckily, your cervical mucus will give you plenty of hints throughout the month as to where you are in your cycle and when ovulation is imminent. If you take the time to learn what different types of cervical mucus means then you have a better chance at timing sex to happen when you are ovulating. The idea of cervical mucus probably doesn’t turn you on, but you shouldn’t think of it that way. Think of it as you monitoring your own body to determine when you are most likely to be fertile so you can have a baby.


Your cervical mucus changes based on your cycle. For example, when you are ovulating your mucus will be like egg whites making it easy for sperm to navigate to reach the egg. However, when you are not ovulating the mucus will not be as “sperm friendly.”

Every woman’s body is different and so is her cervical mucus. However, the changes you should expect include mucus that changes from sticky and/or dry to cream like, then wet to egg white, and then back to being dry and then sticky again. When you can recognize these stages then you can recognize ovulation. When your mucus is wet or egg white then ovulation is soon to occur. If you want to get pregnant this is the best time to do the deed because your chances are greatest!

Remember, when checking your cervical mucus you will want to always have clean and dry hands and be in a position that is comfortable so you can relax. Some women sit on the toilet, put a leg on the bathtub, or even squat. Do what’s comfortable.

Now, insert your middle finger into your vagina and get a sample of mucus. The closer the mucus is to the cervix the better indicator it will be. Check for the egg white consistency and if you find it you know you are ovulating. If not, you just have to keep checking!