Many couples who experience a miscarriage are anxious to try to conceive again right away. It may be that they have been trying to conceive for some time, or it may be that they had become excited about the pregnancy, and would like to get right back into the process of trying to become pregnant again. However, most health care providers will recommend that you wait a certain period of time, typically 2 months at least, before trying to conceive again after having a miscarriage.

The fact of the matter is that, while a woman’s body is technically able to conceive again once her normal ovulatory cycle starts back up after a miscarriage, it is not always best to try again right away. In many cases, it will often take as long as four to six weeks for your menstrual period to return after having a miscarriage, and that is assuming that it is a fairly uncomplicated miscarriage. This delay occurs because the levels of hCG in your body have to drop back down to their pre-pregnancy level before your cycle will start back up again. While some women may ovulate as little as 2 weeks after a miscarriage, most will not ovulate for as much as 2 months after having a miscarriage.

It is important to not only make sure that you are physically ready to conceive again, but that you are emotionally ready as well. For many couples, having a miscarriage can be a rather traumatic experience. It may take several weeks for you to sort out the various feelings of loss, anger, guilt, and depression. Making sure that you have given yourself enough time to deal with these emotional issues will help you prepare for becoming pregnant again.

Finally, if you have had multiple miscarriages, it is probably worth waiting a bit longer than 2 months before trying to conceive again. You should probably take the time to discuss the miscarriages with your health care provider or a fertility specialist. Determining what might be causing the miscarriages may sometimes help you to avoid having another miscarriage in the future when you do try to conceive again.