There are several things that couples may do to increase their chances to conceive. Baby Aspirin is likely not one that most couples have thought of, but it may help. Aspirin is a trade name for ASA: acetylsalicylic acid and it works as an analgesic (pain reliever), fever reducer, and blood thinner. It has a variety of other uses in modern life, including preventing heart attacks.

As with any other drug, you should discuss dosage and usage with your doctor. There may be contraindications with other drugs or therapies you are taking. Taking Aspirin on a daily basis can be especially harmful if you are already taking blood thinners like Viagra—taking both at the same time can cause the blood to be dangerously thin, leading to potential hospitalization.

The effect of thinning the blood can be part of the positive effects that Aspirin can have for fertility. Thinner blood can lead to increased blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, which may lead to a higher chance of conceiving. Thinner blood can also lower blood pressure, and can be beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure. This can lead to better overall health, which can always improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Taking a small daily dose of Aspirin might be especially beneficial if you have suffered from a miscarriage in the past. Sometimes uterine lining and a developing fetus can develop a blood clot, which may lead to a miscarriage. The Aspirin would greatly reduce the chance of developing a blood clot, so if you have had one or several miscarriages, aspirin may be your best bet to reduce your chance of miscarriage in the future.

If you decide to try to take a low daily dose of Aspirin, keep in mind that the store brand of ASA is just as effective as the Aspirin label. Aspirin is a brand-name, so the off-brand can be just as effective, and are usually much less expensive. Dosage does matter, though. You should not be taking a regular-strength or extra-strength Aspirin each day; that high a dose might cause internal damage when taken regularly. The reason that the term “baby Aspirin” is used is that when a person takes one Aspirin a day for preventative measures, the dosage has to be low. Thus, a person is encouraged to take Aspirin in a dosage used for a baby. Although now, Aspirin is produced in low dosages so you don’t actually have to buy Aspirin for babies.

If you miss a dose of Aspirin, you don’t need to take one as soon as you remember, as with hormonal birth control pills. There is no harm in missing a dose, other than that your chances of developing a blood clot increases slightly. Again, it is very important that you discuss this therapy with your doctor before starting. Make sure you stay well-hydrated , eat a balanced diet and exercise often to maintain optimal overall health.