Much of the advice out there in terms of trying to conceive is given to women. There are probably a number of different reasons for this; some of those reasons are cultural, while some are probably more based in medicine and science. Regardless, it’s somewhat less common to hear what a man should do when he’s trying to conceive. It’s just as important, however, that men take certain steps before trying to conceive as it is for women.

Here are some of the most important things that a man needs to do when he’s getting ready to try to conceive:

  • Talk to your doctor. Get in to see your physician. Get a full physical if you haven’t had one in a while, and talk to him about any concerns you have in regard to fertility. You can also talk to your doctor about medications that might interfere with trying to conceive, which is actually the next thing to look at.
  • Avoid medications that can interfere with fertility. There are a number of different types of medications that can cause problems with trying to conceive. For example, some medications used to treat ulcers, urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal disorders are known to affect your sperm production, and should probably be avoided if possible. Steriods are another type of medication known to affect fertility, as are treatments used for cancer such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Think about your work situation. There are a number of environmental hazards that can cause a problem with trying to conceive, as well. Pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, radiation and many other environmental concerns can affect your sperm count and sperm health.
  • Get enough sleep. A lack of sleep is thought to affect your health in a number of ways, including sperm count.
  • Get enough nutrients. Eat a balanced diet, and consider a preconception nutritional supplement to help you get enough nutrients like Zinc and Selenium.
  • Watch out for substances that can affect fertility. Alcohol, tobacco and drug use can affect your fertility, as well.
  • Keep everything cool down there. Overheated testicles can also affect your fertility. Watch out for hot tubs, long hot showers, heating pads and even tight underwear. All of these things can lead to poor sperm quality.