Some women may not realize it, but within a couple of weeks of giving birth, you could in theory begin to ovulate again, and therefore possibly get pregnant right after giving birth. Even if you’re breastfeeding, it’s still possible that your body would kick back into fertility mode that quickly. While it doesn’t happen that way for most women, it is possible, and has happened.

You need to think, first of all, about your body’s readiness for sex. Right after giving birth, you need to take some time off. The changes that your body goes through in pushing that baby out shouldn’t be underestimated. The fact of the matter is that your body needs some rest. There is risk of infection and other complications if you jump right back into the sack right away. This is especially true if you had an episiotomy. Most of the time, your doctor is going to recommend that you wait at least six weeks after you have your baby before having sex.

There is another area in which getting pregnant right after giving birth is a safety concern, however. The labor and delivery process force your uterus and your cervix go through tremendous changes.  Accordingly, they need time to heal. Specifically, the lining of the uterus may be particularly prone to infection during this time.  Not just sex but douching, the use of tampons, or the placement of anything in the vagina can introduce bacteria and cause a uterine infection.  Lochia, the material that flows from your uterus after delivery, is a sign that your uterus is healing.  When the flow of Lochia is not red in color any longer, it indicates that the uterus is nearly healed.  This can take anywhere from three to eight weeks for most women.  Waiting for your uterus and cervix to heal sufficiently are important parts of determining when it is safe to get pregnant after giving birth.  If you get pregnant before this healing takes place, you are at increased risk for infections or even miscarriage.

Having said all of that, there’s no guarantee that if you do get pregnant right after having a baby that there will be dangers, just that you need to watch out for problems if it does occur.