Are you interested in knowing when you are ovulating? If so, you can easily check your cervix to find out. When you have other signs that you are fertile, like cervical mucus with the consistency of egg whites and have experienced a shift in temperature then you don’t necessarily need to check to see if your cervix confirms you are ovulating because you know you are! However, if you aren’t quite sure about the consistency of your cervical mucus or haven’t been charting your temperatures then your cervix truly can provide you with the information you are looking for.

Before ovulation, your cervix will be wet, open, high and soft. When ovulation is over the cervix will become dry, closed, low and firm. The idea of touching your cervix may not bother you, but since you can’t see it you may not know what you are feeling for! The best way to go about this is by learning what your cervix feels like throughout the month and your cycle. When you are charting temperatures and your cervical mucus is wet then you will want to check your cervix to see how it feels. This period of time, which lasts about five days, should create the most changes for you to feel.

Be sure you always have clean hands when feeling your cervix. A good way to know what you are feeling for is that a soft cervix feels much like your lips do. This is during ovulation. Then, after ovulation when the cervix is closed and firm it should feel more like your nose.

Remember, it is important to chart your temperature and check your cervical fluid in addition to feeling your cervix to give you the most information about when you are ovulating and when you aren’t. It may take you a while to figure out what your cervix should feel like, but in time you will learn and know exactly when you are ovulating so that you can time intercourse to increase your odds of conception!