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If you want to get pregnant you may be wondering how often you need to have sex. Some couples trying to conceive think if they have sex every day then they will certainly get pregnant while others who are ttc think that they should reserve sex for ovulation so they know when they conceived. Its’ really up to you, but there are some methods you can use to help you get pregnant faster!

Frequent Sex

First of all, you should have frequent sex if you want to get pregnant. This is especially so if you are not charting your basal body temperature, luteal phase, or anything like that to know when you are ovulating. A good goal is to have sex three times per week. Sperm can live for a couple days inside a woman so if you are having sex every other day you pretty much cover your bases that sperm will be around when ovulation occurs.

Lots of Sex Before Ovulation

If you want to get pregnant it’s best to focus having sex before you ovulate and not after. You can’t get pregnant after ovulation so there is no need in wearing yourself out unless you just want to. It’s better to simply time ovulation, have lots of sex during this time frame, and then enjoy intercourse throughout the rest of the month at your leisure.

Predict Ovulation

You don’t want to just assume you will ovulate on day 14 of your cycle because many women don’t. You might want to use an ovulation predictor so you know when you are ovulating. This will help you know when you are going to ovulate so you can make time for plenty of intercourse during your most fertile days.


Another tip is to have sex in positions that will help sperm make it to the egg. Missionary is one of the best positions for this and if the woman remains in that position with her butt on some pillows for half an hour or so afterwards it will also help things along.

You can’t try too hard to get pregnant so simply follow the tips outlined here and have fun. Sex should be enjoyable but it can’t be if you are always stressing out over getting pregnant. Just relax and have fun!