There are many things that can increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins.  Some of them are things that you can change, and some are things that you cannot change.  Some of them may be practical, and some are not.  What follows is a list of things that increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

One of the biggest factors in getting pregnant with twins is a family history of twins.  Twinning is often hereditary, and if your mother or your mother’s mother either had fraternal twins or was a fraternal twin, you will be more likely to have increased chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Older women tend to be more likely to get pregnant with twins, as well.  Somewhere around 1/5 of mothers who have a baby over the age of 45 have twins or multiples.  However, fertility rates for that age are much lower, in general, and the use of fertility treatments tends to produce the higher number of multiples.

Some folks suggest that eating yams regularly may help to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins.  One study suggests that consuming dairy products may also increase your chances.

Couples who seek out and use fertility treatments tend to have more multiples and twins.  This can be caused by the medications that tend to help ovulation along, as well as with in vitro fertilization.  Obviously, you aren’t going to go out to get fertility treatments just to have twins, but if you have been having trouble trying to conceive altogether, you might wind up with twins due to the treatments.

There is some research to suggest that women who become pregnant while taking birth control pills often get pregnant with twins.  Here again, you don’t want to purposely take birth control pills while trying to conceive – that would defeat the purpose altogether.  Still, if it happens, you might get that double bundle of blessing of joy!

Ultimately, most of the factors that go into getting pregnant with twins are out of your control, and while you can hope for twins, there is not a proven way to guarantee that you will have twins.