Hot Tub


You’ve got baby on the brain and you are making all the changes needed to ensure your fertility is in tip top shape.   Since it takes two to achieve that parenthood goal, you also have your view trained on your partner’s habits as well.  You’re worried about your partner spending time in a hot tub, wearing tight underwear, or spending time in a warm or humid environment? This is a big challenge for a couple who have decided to start trying to conceive. Usually the woman is all gung-ho about doing everything she can to increase fertility, but often the man is more interested in the act of procreation than in any sort of prep work!

So, can hot tub use affect male fertility? It’s possible. The hot water can affect the immature, developing sperm and create an incomplete genetic code, leading potentially to birth defects. The amount of sperm is usually not affected, though, and the chances of hot tub use actually affecting the sperm in this way are pretty low (not to mention that he’d have to be spend a ton of time in there!). Testicles are fairly well regulated, since they are outside the body.  Still, to be cautious, you can encourage your man to keep his crotch out of the hot tub, and just dip his feet in if he hits up a hot tub party.

Another thing for your partner to look out for is tight underwear, or pants that are tight in the bum and crotch. The boys need to be able to breathe! Buy him a wardrobe of power boxers and tell him to pretend he’s a CEO from the ‘90’s. (Actually, while we’re at it, you should probably avoid tight pants, too, so that your bits don’t get smushed either.)

Men’s testicles are a finely tuned system that can only operate within a fairly narrow temperature range. So what hubby needs to do is give his boys room to do what they do to keep their temperature in check. Testes can raise and descend to maintain their correct temp (as anyone who has seen a naked man when it’s cold out can attest!), so he should be fine as long as his boys can do their thing. Happy testes make happy sperm—so enjoy the process and have fun!