The fact of the matter is that we very often cannot determine the exact cause of a low sperm count.  Because every man’s body is different, he will respond differently to the foods he eats and the things that he does.  Of course, we do have some ideas about what causes a low sperm count, and can identify those causes in some cases.  In addition, there are things that we can rule out as causing a low sperm count.  One of the most popular reasons given for a low sperm count, drinking Mountain Dew, is an urban legend.

Mountain Dew, over time, has been thought to interfere with conception in a variety of ways.  It was thought, for example, that Mountain Dew would not only lower sperm count but also cause impotency.  One rumor that was going around for several years suggested that Mountain Dew would actually cause a man’s testicles to shrink.  Another suggested that Mountain Dew would cause the penis to shrivel.

The rumor about Mountain Dew causing a low sperm count has been attributed to a variety of factors.  One suggests that the particular coloring agent used in Mountain Dew was toxic.  Another, more plausible-sounding explanation suggests that the high caffeine content in Mountain dew is what causes a low sperm count.  Neither of these is true, as no research has shown either yellow dye or caffeine to cause a low sperm count.

This particular rumor, that Mountain Dew can cause a low sperm count, is not entirely harmless.  If teenagers (or adults, for that matter) believe that Mountain Dew acts as a sort of a spermicide, it is theoretically possible that they may engage in unprotected sexual activity, assuming that the intake of Mountain Dew will keep conception from occurring.  However, while this scenario is certainly possible, there has not yet been a confirmed case where this has actually happened.

It is likely that one of the reasons why this myth has come about probably has to do with the fact that we just aren’t that sure about what exactly can indeed cause a low sperm count.