Many women take Clomid to help them produce more eggs and assist in conception. However, women are often confused as to whether taking Clomid will affect their ovulation test results or not. Fortunately, there are some answers to this question that should help clear up the confusion!

False Positives

The key to using ovulation tests and Clomid is to use them as your doctor recommends. If you do not then it is likely you will receive false positives and think you are ovulating when you are not. Another issue that frequently crops up is that women receive positive ovulation results several days in a row. In order to avoid false positives and multi positive test results then you should start taking the ovulation tests four days after the last tablet of Clomid has been taken.

Other Options

Some women don’t like the idea that taking Clomid will occasionally cause false positives with ovulation tests. However, this is just the way things work and Clomid really is a great drug that can help a woman ovulate and conceive a child. So, while it may be frustrating and even annoying the option of not taking Clomid is not generally worth not becoming pregnant.

Women can of course have their doctors check for ovulation as well when they are on Clomid rather than doing it themselves. But, the Clomid will more than likely affect the doctor’s results as well. Women who are using Clomid and trying to conceive really just need to be patient and go with the flow. While it is not always easy Clomid will help you become pregnant faster and easier and any little bump in the road you encounter is just that.

Additional Questions

If you still have questions about Clomid and ovulation tests or simply don’t know if you are ovulating or not then talk with your doctor. He will be able to explain the process to you as clearly as possible and more than likely you will have a better understanding of how Clomid affects your body as well as the ovulation tests. Just keep in mind that you are taking Clomid because you want to become pregnant and it will help you do just that.