If you are trying to conceive you may be surprised that supplementing with green tea could actually help you conceive! This is not a well studied method for improving conception, although several studies have been conducted that do show that green tea really could help in the quest for conception.

This is quite confusing for many women who have heard that caffeine is not recommended for women who are trying to conceive. Green tea really does not have too much caffeine, especially when compared to coffee or black tea. Because of this if consumed in moderation it should be okay. Also, tannic acid is in green tea and studies have found this increases miscarriage risk when a large amount is consumed. Infertility has also been linked to caffeine and tannic acid, too. So, does green tea help with conception or not?

Some information states that women who consume lots of green tea when they are close to conception or during conception had a higher risk of having babies with neural tube defects. There are no definite conclusions for this, but it is something that should be considered. Generally, neural tube defects are considered for women with a folic acid deficiency, but there may be a role that green tea plays although it has not been determined as of yet.

There are no definitive as to whether green tea will help or not. If you have been trying to conceive for some time with no results you may want to talk with your doctor to see what they recommend. It probably won’t hurt anything if you have a cup or two of tea a day, just don’t overdo it because there are known side effects of too much caffeine and tannic acid.