For many women, elevated FSH levels can indicate that she has a low ovarian reserve. This can present as a lower number of eggs available in the ovaries, or eggs that are not of a healthy, balanced nature. It is unfortunate, but women with elevated FSH levels typically have a very low chance of becoming pregnant without some form of fertility assistance.

There are a variety of terms that have been used to refer to a woman with a high FSH level, including that she has “old eggs.” Unfortunately, clinically she may be told that the only solution would be In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs. This procedure is extremely expensive, and very often personally undesirable. Having high FSH levels can be a somewhat devastating diagnosis, and the woman with FSH levels may feel like there is really no hope for her to be able to conceive.

While the medical field has not been, to this point, able to produce a reliable solution to help improve your natural fertility when your FSH levels are higher than desirable, there may be other options available beyond IVF with donor eggs.

Some women have had a certain degree of success using supplements to help their high FSH levels and subsequent egg quality issues. While there are no clinical studies which can prove that these supplements have caused an improved reproductive state, in many cases it may well be worth at least an attempt. Nutritional supplements do appear to have worked in some situations, so there is certainly the possibility that they could work for you. A search on the trying to conceive message boards online will reveal many stories of women who had doctors tell them that natural, spontaneous conception would not be possible, but opted to try the nutritional / herbal supplement route with astounding success.

Helpful supplements for FSH issues would relate to the areas of nutrition, blood flow, and hormone balance. Nutrition is important, obviously, because the reproductive system has certain nutritional requirements. Keeping your blood flow at a good level will help your eggs to get the oxygen that they need to stay as healthy as possible. Finally, balancing your other hormones can possibly help your FSH levels by balancing them out, as well.

Some supplements, which have been taken with some success, include blue-green algae, Wheat-grass, Co-Enzyme Q-10, and royal jelly. It is always best to discuss these issues with your nutritional specialist / herbalist for information and suggestions about what may work best for you and your unique situation.