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Stress Relief

Fertility Acupuncture

The ancient alternative of fertility acupuncture provides an option to traditional medicine. Acupuncture may be combined with herbal supplementation to treat some forms of infertility. Needle-less acupuncture, called acupressure, involves the stimulation of pressure points on the body using fingers. Fertility acupressure can alleviate the “getting pregnant stress” associated with trying to conceive. Learn how to properly and safely perform acupressure or yoga for stress reduction through an instructional DVD. It’s the perfect gift for your partner! We’re the ultimate source for relaxation DVDs that guide viewers through gentle stretching and breathing to relieve stress. Our media materials and fertility books can give you calmer, more relaxed moments to treasure. Individuals and couples who are undergoing medical fertility treatments also need specialized support. Our stress reducing resources offer unique assistance that focuses on the mind and body connection. If high stress levels have affected libido, we have the best natural fertility herbs for effective results. Difficulty conceiving causes stress, and stress appears to make it more difficult to conceive. That’s why relaxation tools are so important.

FertileDetox for Women & Men
Cleanse and detox herbal formula for men and women. Fertility-enhancing blend suitable for use before and during the time you're actively trying to conceive.
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Heart Shaped Tea Ball
This cute Heart Shaped Tea Ball is the perfect loose tea strainer. Taste the tea not the leaf bits!
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Acupressure for Fertility DVD
For men & women. Gentle acupressure & stretching DVD for all levels. Includes segments for Pre-IVF & Post-IVF self-care routine. Watch an excerpt
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Bend, Breathe & Conceive Fertility DVD

Stretch and breathe through a gentle yoga routine that optimizes your fertility, relieves stress, and tones the body...for both you and your partner! Watch an excerpt

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Circle + Bloom Mind - Body Programs for Fertility Enhancement

Circle and Bloom have several Mind Body programs formulated to help you with your fertility issues including natural fertility enhancement, PCOS support and IVF - IUI support. Available in CD format or Instant mp3 Download.

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Conception Series CD 4 : Eliminating Unhealthy Choices - Smoking
Allow Dr. Jane Helle to walk you through a guided meditation to stop smoking. You CAN become a non-smoker!
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Fertile Flame Fertility Candle
The Fertile Flame Fertility Candle creates a soothing atmosphere. Scents of Chamomile, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang have long been associated with fertility and conception.
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Goodnight Combo Tincture
Fall asleep and stay asleep with this herbal, non habit-forming liquid tincture. Safe for use before, during, and after pregnancy while nursing.
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Horny Goat Weed Supplement
This standardized herb enhances both male AND female libido!
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Relax Tincture
Safe for use before, during, after pregnancy while nursing. Made of organic herbs in the USA. Can make into tea.
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Natural Pregnancy Stress Relief

Daily demands don’t stop when a pregnancy begins. At BabyHopes.com, we’ll be with you before, during and after conception. We have safe products to reduce pregnancy stress for better health. Our tinctures developed from organic ingredients can calm the body. They even aid safely with sleep. Let us also provide you with soothing aromatherapy products for a calmer state. We take pride in bringing our visitors detailed information on our fertility enhancers and pregnancy care items. Knowledge can bring power, plus peace of mind. So we offer everything from pregnancy test strips to meditation CDs. Browse today and de-stress tomorrow.