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Preggie Pop Drops Candy

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Morning Sickness Candy

Preggie Pop Drops are naturally flavored morning sickness candy. They were originally created for women experiencing pregnancy nausea. Not pregnant? No problem. Preggie Pop Drops will still help you quell your queasiness, whether it originates from travel sickness, motion sickness, or antibiotic or chemotherapy side effects. These hard candies are perfect for your office environment and keep your condition private. There’s no lollipop stick to explain to your co-workers! This morning sickness cure relieves nausea through a combination of essential oils and aromatherapy.

Doctor-recommended Preggie Drops are:
  • All natural candy to ease nausea
  • Drug-free, flavorful drops that alleviate dry mouth
  • Great for labor
  • Quick energy boosters

The early pregnancy products from Preggie Pop help expectant moms manage morning sickness effectively throughout the day.

Preggie Pop Pregnancy Nausea Remedies

Nausea can be tough to combat, and different pregnancy nausea remedies work for different people. Our customers overwhelmingly report that the special formulation in Preggie Pop Drops can relieve morning sickness.

How Preggie Pop Drops Work

The candy drops for nausea contain essential oils and flavors known to relieve stomach problems. They’re safe and free of synthetic or artificial sugars! Natural sugar and brown rice syrup ease nausea and combat hypoglycemic queasiness. By sucking on the candies, those with unsettled stomachs benefit from natural aromas. These essences come from the ingredients which flavor Preggie Pops, including ginger, mints, lavender, and fruit. During consumption, ingredients are released gradually into the stomach for a therapeutic delivery. All the Preggie Pop Drop varieties taste great, while remedying pregnancy nausea! Morning sickness lollipops are also available from Preggie Pops. Order your favorite candy today!

Available in the following flavors:

Preggie Pop Drops

  • 21 individually wrapped pieces
  • Preggie Pop Drop assorted flavors:sour lemon, sour tangerine, sour raspberry, and green apple
  • Ingredients: brown rice syrup, evaporated cane juice, citric acid, natural flavors (essential oils), natural colors.

Organic Preggie Pop Drops

  • 12 individually wrapped pieces
  • Flavors of sour lemon, sour raspberry and green apple
  • Vegan, gluten-free, pesticide free, GMO free
  • Ingredients: organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, citric acid, natural essential oils (flavors), and natural colors

Preggie Pop Drops Green Apple

  • 21 individually wrapped pieces
  • This sour green apple flavor is a tasty way to curb your pregnancy nausea!
  • Ingredients: brown rice syrup, evaporated cane juice, citric acid, natural flavors (essential oils), natural colors

Queasy Pop Drops

  • 21 individually wrapped pieces
  • The natural way to ease a queasy stomach!
  • Assorted flavors: green tea with lemon, ginger, banana, sour raspberry, cola
  • Ingredients: Dried cane syrup, brown rice or corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors (made with essential oils), natural colors.

Queasy Drops Sugar-Free

  • 21 individually wrapped pieces
  • Flavors: ginger, sour raspberry, cola, banana and papaya.
  • Zero net carbs
  • Ingredients: hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, citric acid, natural flavors (essential oils), natural colors, sucralose (Splenda).

Allergy Information: These products are processed in a plant that processes dairy, peanut, tree nuts, soy protein, wheat, and shrimp (glucosamine) products.

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