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Monday, May 6, 2013
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Pre-Seed Lubricant

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Pre~Seed lubricant replenishes your natural moisture while providing an optimal environment for sperm.

Let's face it, trying to conceive is a big issue. At least 90 million couples world-wide (11 million in the US alone) are trying to conceive at any given time. With a 20% average chance of becoming pregnant each cycle, it's no surprise that couples can become stressed. In fact 75% of trying to conceive couples report an increased frequency of vaginal dryness.

Unfortunately, most personal lubricants harm sperm. Research conducted on personal lubricants over the past three decades has clearly demonstrated the detrimental effects that these products have on sperm (see references on package insert). Published medical studies report that leading “nonspermicidal” lubricants can damage the ability of sperm to swim on contact in laboratory testing. These studies recommend that “every day” lubricants be avoided if you want to become pregnant.

The solution? Pre~Seed Personal Lubricant in a Multi-Use Tube. It's the 1st fertility-friendly intimate moisturizer.

Pre~Seed helps when you're trying to conceive (TTC):
  • Can function as a lubricant without harming sperm - Some women experience vaginal dryness when transitioning from lovemaking to baby-making.

  • Published studies show that Pre-Seed's isotonic formula is less irritating to the sensitive tissues of intimacy than other leading lubricants.

  • Creates the optimal internal environment that keeps sperm alive, happy and swimming easily to the egg.

  • Its moisture is delivered in the same pH, osmolality and viscosity (thickness) as fertile cervical mucus

    For more info on using Pre-Seed go to FAQs at

What you get:

Each box contains a 1.4 oz (40 g tube) of the specially formulated Pre~Seed and 9 twist on applicators (2-4 g capacity each). You choose the amount of product you want to use. The average is 2-3 g per use.
PreSeed is applied internally just prior to intercourse (up to 15 minutes before) with the provided disposable applicator. The applicator is used so Pre~Seed's moisture can coat the vagina and cervix.
Applicators should not be reused. You risk vaginal infection if an applicator is used more than once. Each box has 9 applicators = 9 uses.


First and only product allowed to state “safe for use" by couples while trying to conceive
Does not harm sperm, or interfere with fertilization & embryo development as shown in presentations at major medical meetings
Numerous US and International Patents
Contains the plant sugar, arabinogalactan, for antioxidant support of sperm
Internal application is important to mimic and supplement the body’s fluids
Clinical tests in peer-reviewed published studies
Used in and recommended by hundreds of fertility and women’s health clinics - pH balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
Read our many inspiring Users’ Stories from people just like you

Pre-Seed for Internal and External use are the first and only lubricants in the United States that are allowed to claim that they:

- are safe for use by couples who are trying to conceive

- don’t harm sperm or embryos

- and are appropriate for use during fertility interventions, such as:
     - intrauterine insemination
     - in vitro fertilization
     - embryo transfer
     - transvaginal oocyte collection

PreSeed Lubricant Is The Right Solution for Your Vaginal Dryness

PreSeed lubricant is the first "sperm-friendly" intimate moisturizer that mimics natural body secretions* for an optimal sperm environment.

In an In-house study, conducted by Pre-Seed, comparing sperm motility after contact with several products, including Pre~Seed is shown here (as submitted to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting, 2004). As found in all previous studies, sperm motility was dramatically decreased after 30 minutes of contact in just a 10% solution of the other leading products. You can see the entire submitted abstract at

Pre~Seed ® Ingredients: Purified Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Pluronic, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, Arabinogalactan, Potassium Phosphate, Propylparaben.

Why does Pre-Seed have parabens in it?

Preservatives, such as methylparaben and propylparaben (in Pre-Seed lubricant), keep products from growing bacteria. Unfortunately, other preservatives (Vitamin C, EDTA, etc.) can cause sperm damage or death. We chose to use methylparaben and propylparaben because they have very long histories of use and safety data.

The preservatives we use prevent bacteria growth without damaging sperm. Published reports found that these preservatives have no more impact on tissues than do food estrogens in soya and other foods (A review of the endocrine activity of parabens and implications for potential risks to human health. Crit Rev Toxicol. 2005).

Made in the USA

Pre-Seed Lubricant
PreSeed vs Other Lubricants Magnified    PreSeed Viable Sperm Chart    PreSeed Sperm Motility Graph
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