Ovulation Monitoring

Fertility Monitor

An advanced fertility monitor lets a woman know when she is most likely to get pregnant. We have the latest FDA-approved monitors that deliver up to 98% accuracy with incredible ease of use. You’ll find fertility monitors on our site which unite sophisticated technology with simple operations. Choose from models that test either urine or saliva and alert you to high or peak fertility levels. Using an oral sensor, you can quickly test saliva for hormonal changes that determine your most fertile days and improve your chances of getting pregnant. Our monitor selection includes models with vivid color displays and easy-to-read screens. A digital ovulation monitor identifies your daily fertility levels, while also reporting when your most fertile periods of the month will start and end. With digital technology, you can track and compile key information on your computer. This information can be critical when the hope is for a positive pregnancy test.

Digital Basal Thermometer
The digital basal thermometer is an essential purchase if you plan to chart your basal body temperature. Helps pinpoint ovulation which can lead to pregnancy. 3 - 4 times faster than glass basal thermometers.
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Fertile-Focus Saliva Fertility Microscope
Determine your most fertile days with the non-invasive personal saliva microscope. Ideal for those who don't want to take urine ovulation tests and those with irregular cycles. Small size, easy to clean.
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Fertility Tracker Saliva Microscope
Did you know your saliva changes when you ovulate?! Monitor your daily fertility by examining your saliva under the Fertility Microscope. Easy to clean and easy to use. Ideal for women with longer or irregular cycles.
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Ovulation Monitor

Be alerted to fertility levels in seconds with a reliable ovulation monitor that’s designed to help you get pregnant faster. You’ll find the top brands of ovulation monitoring equipment at BabyHopes. We sell the most popular fertility monitors that have been tested for quality and recommended by physicians. In addition to monitors, we offer saliva microscopes that are used to pinpoint rising estrogen levels that occur before ovulation. Basal body temperature thermometers are another useful tool that can signal upcoming ovulation schedules. You’ll notice that we sell our thermometers, monitors and ovulation test strips at reduced prices, so you can buy conception-planning tools now to help you conceive sooner.