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Instead Softcups

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Instead Softcups
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Instead Softcups - Femine Hygiene Cups & Conception Aid

Available in :
6 or 14 pack

* Each Softcup is good for 1 use, do not reuse. Reusing could cause vaginal infection. One size fits most. 

HypoAllergenic Non-Toxic Non-Irritating Non-Absorbant

NO : Latex, Pesticides, Carcinogens, Dioxins, Polycarbonates, Bisphenol-A, Polystyrene, Polyvinylchloride, Phthalates No, None of these!

For over 20 years women have trusted the Instead Softcup for their feminine hygiene needs. While the Softcup is an excellent alternative to tampons and pads, it is also being used to help couples get pregnant!

The unique Softcup molds itself to your internal shape, and holds fluid inside the cup. Traditionally, the Softcup is inserted into the vagina to catch menstrual blood during a period. Those trying to conceive thought this would be the perfect device to help semen pool against the cervix.
When you want to get pregnant, you want semen to pool against the cervix, where it will continue to travel to fertilize the egg. Placing a Softcup inside the vagina just after intercourse (or inserting it with seminal fluid already in the cup) can help trap fluid onto the cervix.
The Softcup can be worn as a menstruation collecting cup for up to 12 hours, if using it for trying to conceive you do not need to wear it that long. Insert the cup just after ejaculation, you can prop up your hips to assist the pooling process. 

Some women have a difficult time inserting the cup without some type of lubrication since the Softcup itself does not have lubrication on it. The conundrum, what to use?

You want to be careful what types of lubrication you use when TTC (trying to conceive) because most kill sperm. NOT what you want to happen. You can safely use PreSeed External with the Softcup without fear of harming sperm.

The Softcup does not have an expiration date. The cup is made of Polyethylene and mineral oil. It is a non-absorbent, non-irritating thermoplastic material that has been used for more than 20 years in health care items such as catheters and baby bottle nipples. 

You cannot lose the Softcup inside you or insert it too far.

Some women are uncertain just where the Softcup goes and worry that they can insert it too far. The product comes with detailed instructions for use. 

When properly inserted, the rim of the cup is lodged between the pubic bone (which is just inside the vagina) and the very back of the vagina, and the cup should cover the cervix (a fleshy knob that feels like the tip of your nose-the cervix is another name for the bottom of your uterus.). The menstrual flow comes out of the uterus through a very small opening in the cervix. The Softcup CANNOT get lost inside the body since this opening is much too narrow.

Though many couples have achieved pregnancy using this product, the use of the Softcup as a pregnancy aid has not been cleared by the FDA. Instead has submitted an application to the FDA to market the Softcup as an over-the-counter fertility aid.

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