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Books & Media

Fertility Books

We provide powerful resources for those trying to conceive. Our fertility books, CDs, and DVDs are packed with valuable information. They can help you take positive actions as you try to conceive naturally or with medical intervention. Our fertility reference guides will assist you in making lifestyle changes that support pregnancy success. They’ll help you modify behaviors related to nutrition, weight, smoking, and stress in order to boost fertility. Our media products explore a range of topics, from choosing the sex of your baby to self-care techniques during IVF. You can find a book on how to conceive a boy or a girl that details a widely used and scientifically researched method. Our instructional DVDs allow you to tone the body while simultaneously relieving stress and optimizing fertility. We have products that guide viewers through acupressure and yoga poses to better prepare the body for conception.

Acupressure for Fertility DVD
For men & women. Gentle acupressure & stretching DVD for all levels. Includes segments for Pre-IVF & Post-IVF self-care routine. Watch an excerpt
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Bend, Breathe & Conceive Fertility DVD

Stretch and breathe through a gentle yoga routine that optimizes your fertility, relieves stress, and tones the body...for both you and your partner! Watch an excerpt

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Circle + Bloom Mind - Body Programs for Fertility Enhancement

Circle and Bloom have several Mind Body programs formulated to help you with your fertility issues including natural fertility enhancement, PCOS support and IVF - IUI support. Available in CD format or Instant mp3 Download.

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Conception Series CD 4 : Eliminating Unhealthy Choices - Smoking
Allow Dr. Jane Helle to walk you through a guided meditation to stop smoking. You CAN become a non-smoker!
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How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Book
Over the last twenty-five years, thousands of couples have turned to the Shettles method for choosing the sex of their babies. And thousands have been blessed with the boy or girl they hoped for. In fact, the properly applied Shettles method gives couples at least a 75 percent success rate. Some...
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Couples who are undergoing medical procedures to correct fertility issues can also find support through programs that take mind and body to a healthier state. Audio assistance is available with our physician-developed CDs that inspire changes to behaviors that could negatively impact pregnancy achievement. Before and after conception, stress should be minimized. We have products that reduce pregnancy stress thanks to soothing formulas. Our stress-relieving selection also features items that serve as female and male fertility enhancers. The best fertility books and media resources offer help for infertility issues. They share useful tips and dynamic tools to empower those on the path to parenthood. As a highly rated provider of fertility resources, BabyHopes.com is here for you! Browse our resources now or contact us for more information.