Using Our Ovulation Calendar

Did you know that we have an awesome ovulation calendar on our website that will help you figure out when the best time to have sex for conception is?

It is pretty easy to use and you only need to have a couple of criteria in order to make it work well for you.

  • You need have a menstrual cycle that is between 21 and 35 days long.
  • It is helpful if your cycle is relatively “normal” meaning that it is typically the same number of days long each month.
  • You need to know when your last period started.

If you have a cycle that is shorter or longer than what is needed or have cycles that vary widely in numbers of day in your cycle, you may have a hormonal imbalance that you will have to address. Our fertility supplements are a good place to start. If you find that your cycle doesn’t have a substantial change after using the supplements for 3 months, you will need to go and see your doctor to see what the issue may be.

Figuring Out How Long Your Cycle Is

You need to be aware of the dates that your period has started for at least two months. The length of your menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of menstrual bleeding to the day before the following menstrual period starts. So, if in the first month, your period started on May 28th and the next month it started again on June 25th, you would have a 28 day cycle.

Counting with a calendar not working for you? Click here to enter your dates and automatically calculate the number of days.

Give our ovulation calendar a try and let us know if you have any problems. We’d love to hear your feedback!


  • Betty

    Hi i saw my period September 18, when am I suppose to see my next period?

  • Chinnychinchin

    Hi may last mens is feb 17 we had contact on the 27 am i safe?

  • Alania

    my fertal days where on the 3rd , 4th , 5th , 6th and 7th , I had sex on the 5th , 6th and 7th (this week) , i researched and it said I ovulate 14 days before my next period so I’m guessing ovation was on the 6th , me and my boyfriend had unpretected sex each day and he ejaculated in me each time , we had sex different times each day is there a chance on me getting pregnant ?

  • Winfred

    hello my cycles have been irregular. the last three month period is Dec 23, 2015; in November 2015, it was on 29th and in October 2015, it was on 26th. plz help me calculate my fertile days for my next cycle.

  • tanu

    We are trying to have a baby as possible.I might have
    trouble also with the calculation of my cycle so hope and please help me
    to calculate….
    oct: 30th sep -6th oct
    nov : 1st nov-7th nov

    When will be my next ovulation ?….

    Hope you can help thanks in advance….

    Jacky 🙂

    • First think you will want to do is find out how long your cycle is. Your cycle length is calculated by counting the days your period started last month, until the day before it started this month. If you go to, you will be able to plug in Sept. 30th and Nov. 1st into the the form. Then with that number, you go a little further down the page and put November 1 2015 as the first day of your last period, and then use the number that you got for your cycle length. Hit Plan it, and you will have 3 months of when you will be most fertile.

Last modified: November 2, 2014