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Posted on 2011-06-02

Using Our Ovulation Calendar

Did you know that we have an awesome ovulation calendar on our website that will help you figure out when the best time to have sex for conception is?

It is pretty easy to use and you only need to have a couple of criteria in order to make it work well for you.

  • You need have a menstrual cycle that is between 21 and 35 days long.
  • It is helpful if your cycle is relatively “normal” meaning that it is typically the same number of days long each month.
  • You need to know when your last period started.

If you have a cycle that is shorter or longer than what is needed or have cycles that vary widely in numbers of day in your cycle, you may have a hormonal imbalance that you will have to address. Our fertility supplements are a good place to start. If you find that your cycle doesn’t have a substantial change after using the supplements for 3 months, you will need to go and see your doctor to see what the issue may be.

Figuring Out How Long Your Cycle Is

You need to be aware of the dates that your period has started for at least two months. The length of your menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of menstruatal bleeding to the day before the following menstrual period starts. So, if in the first month, your period started on May 28th and the next month it started again on June 25th, you would have a 28 day cycle.

Give our ovulation calendar a try and let us know if you have any problems. We’d love to hear your feedback!


  • kayla

    hi my period is always on the 6th or 7th of every month and last about a week. when do I ovulate?

  • garrick31

    my period was march 2 2014 and it ended march 6 2014 please tell me when is my fertile days thanks

  • erika

    dec 19 and January 29 are my last periods how can I calculate it in the ovulation calendar?

  • Blessing Akinwale-Arogundade

    Babyhopes pls help me.I can’t seem to calculate my fertile days the length of my cycle.I had my period November 30 2013, the next period was January 4 2014, the one after that January 31 2014.I have been trying for a year now..pls reply me with my cycle length n my next fertile days.thanks

  • tilivier2006

    my wife was has a surgery in one of her ovary for febroid can she able to get pregnant ?

  • porsh

    Hi am having so much trouble with getting the right fertility days and i am asking for your help

    the first day of my last period in September was the 6th it lasted 6 days
    and the first day of my last period in October was 7th which lasted 6 days

    what would be my best fertile days. please can you calculate for me because different sites has different answers tks so much for your help

    • porsh

      please reply to me I really want to have a baby cause im 38 years I have a 13 year old daughter I had a miscarrage last year August. My clock is ticking and my husband has no kids. So i would really like to make him and my daughter happy most of all my self

  • Stacy

    I am currently on a birth control pill and do not have a period at all. I am going to stop taking so in November we can start trying for another baby, but I would like to track my ovulation so how would I do that??

    • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

      You will have to wait until you are off birth control before you can track your ovulation. After you come off the pill, it may take a while for your system to ovulate regularly, so your best bets would be to use ovulation tests kits or chart your basal temperature to figure out when you are ovulating.

  • sharmishtha tirlotkar

    my montly cycle is 23 days ..i want to get pregant……is it safe for 23 days cycle

  • Jacky

    We are trying to have a baby as possible I’m 30 year old and it’s been 5 months trying to conceive but still not lucky….I might have trouble also with the calculation of my cycle so hope and please help me to calculate….
    June 08-10, 2013
    July 10-12
    Aug 7-9, 2013
    Sept 06-08,2013

    When will be my next ovulation ?….

    Hope you can help thanks in advance….

    Jacky :)

  • Amelia

    So I normally have a 28 day cycle but it seems like my cylcle is getting shorter. I started to have brown discharge on the 9th but didn’t start my full blown period until today, the 13th. So if my last cycle started on the 19th of July do I count the brown discharge day as my first day of my next cycle? Or do I count today as my first day? please help!