Will My Cervical Mucus Change When I Become Pregnant?

Tracking changes to your cervical mucus can be one way to help optimize your chances of getting pregnant. Your cervical mucus change throughout your monthly cycle, both in terms of its volume and in terms of its consistency and appearance. During ovulation, for example, cervical mucus will be most plentiful and it will also have the color and texture of the white of an egg. When you do become pregnant, there may also be changes to your cervical mucus.

When you become pregnant, your cervix will start to move into a lower position than where it was during ovulation. The cervix will also become softer. The back side of the cervix – which connects to the lower part of your uterus – will become especially soft, and may even seem like it’s disconnected. Of course, you can’t detect these changes normally, and so you need to check other areas to know whether or not you’re pregnant.

If you become pregnant, your cervical mucus will be different than if you’re not pregnant. It may stay more slippery than it otherwise would after ovulation. It will stop resembling an egg white, regardless of whether or not you’ve become pregnant. During this phase, it will tend to be rather clear, thick and viscous. Within the first weeks of pregnancy, that cervical mucus will actually turn into your mucus plug. This will cause a dryness of cervical mucus as pregnancy progresses.

In the later stages of pregnancy, things may change again. The mucus plug may allow some cervical mucus to escape, creating an egg white discharge. Often your cervical mucus may be tinged with blood, although this is most common when you lose your mucus plug.

Of course, there are many other signs of pregnancy that you might look for rather than simply changes to your cervical mucus. Things like morning sickness, backache, an increased sense of smell, breast tenderness and more can be better indicators of pregnancy than changes to your cervical mucus.

  • Janie

    I’m six days late on my period but had 3 negative HPTs, I called my doctor she said to wait a week and test again. But for the last few days 2 days, I have been having really thin watery clear liquid discharge. Any idea as to what that is? Any hint does that point towards pregnancy or away?

  • betty

    Wondering the same thing/ this is happening to me right now . what was your outcome?

  • Melvina

    I’m 57 days late and have mostly all the pregnancy signs ! I’m scared and don’t know what to do ! Any advice

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Have you taken a pregnancy test or seen your doctor about this?

  • Sarah Johnson

    So what happen? Where you pregnant?

  • Janie

    No I wasn’t ovulating at all. I didn’t get my period back for four months after that. I have PCOS so sometimes I don’t ovulate or get my periods- I didn’t know that at the time. Now I am having regular periods and I am TTC!!!

  • Louise

    All of this Is very hard! How come some woman find it so easy to get pregnant it’s so frustrating!

  • Janie

    I know its not fair.

  • Janie

    you should request vaginal ultrasound or at least a blood test

  • Rolena Collins

    Hello..8 dpo..today i had clear and sticky cm..does that mean i can be pregnant or something else..sorry tmi..

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Actually, that could be normal cm. Unfortunately, every woman’s body is different so what is normal for one may be different for another. If this different from how things usually go for you, it could be a sign that you are pregnant. You should be able to test today to see if you are pregnant.

Last modified: February 10, 2013

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