Will My Cervical Mucus Change When I Become Pregnant?

Tracking changes to your cervical mucus can be one way to help optimize your chances of getting pregnant. Your cervical mucus change throughout your monthly cycle, both in terms of its volume and in terms of its consistency and appearance. During ovulation, for example, cervical mucus will be most plentiful and it will also have the color and texture of the white of an egg. When you do become pregnant, there may also be changes to your cervical mucus.

When you become pregnant, your cervix will start to move into a lower position than where it was during ovulation. The cervix will also become softer. The back side of the cervix – which connects to the lower part of your uterus – will become especially soft, and may even seem like it’s disconnected. Of course, you can’t detect these changes normally, and so you need to check other areas to know whether or not you’re pregnant.

If you become pregnant, your cervical mucus will be different than if you’re not pregnant. It may stay more slippery than it otherwise would after ovulation. It will stop resembling an egg white, regardless of whether or not you’ve become pregnant. During this phase, it will tend to be rather clear, thick and viscous. Within the first weeks of pregnancy, that cervical mucus will actually turn into your mucus plug. This will cause a dryness of cervical mucus as pregnancy progresses.

In the later stages of pregnancy, things may change again. The mucus plug may allow some cervical mucus to escape, creating an egg white discharge. Often your cervical mucus may be tinged with blood, although this is most common when you lose your mucus plug.

Of course, there are many other signs of pregnancy that you might look for rather than simply changes to your cervical mucus. Things like morning sickness, backache, an increased sense of smell, breast tenderness and more can be better indicators of pregnancy than changes to your cervical mucus.

  • Janie

    I’m six days late on my period but had 3 negative HPTs, I called my doctor she said to wait a week and test again. But for the last few days 2 days, I have been having really thin watery clear liquid discharge. Any idea as to what that is? Any hint does that point towards pregnancy or away?

    • Sarah Johnson

      So what happen? Where you pregnant?

      • Janie

        No I wasn’t ovulating at all. I didn’t get my period back for four months after that. I have PCOS so sometimes I don’t ovulate or get my periods- I didn’t know that at the time. Now I am having regular periods and I am TTC!!!

        • Louise

          All of this Is very hard! How come some woman find it so easy to get pregnant it’s so frustrating!

          • Janie

            I know its not fair.

          • Elaine

            I’ve been trying for 8 months so far. It’s very depressing every month . Then there’s some women who get pregnant on there first try.

        • Elizabeth

          I post likely have PCOS as well. According from my doc. I’ve been trying for about a year, I haven’t been able to get pg since my eunexpected ectopic. Before I had my son I could get pg easily, an after him I didn’t get pg till right before my ectopic with in those 3 months I had 2 miscarriage an the ectopic right after that. It’s sad. I’m not sure how to take the pcos bc I’m used to having my cycle. I know I ovulated this month, I am 3days late now..

  • betty

    Wondering the same thing/ this is happening to me right now . what was your outcome?

  • Melvina

    I’m 57 days late and have mostly all the pregnancy signs ! I’m scared and don’t know what to do ! Any advice

    • Have you taken a pregnancy test or seen your doctor about this?

      • Janie

        you should request vaginal ultrasound or at least a blood test

  • Rolena Collins

    Hello..8 dpo..today i had clear and sticky cm..does that mean i can be pregnant or something else..sorry tmi..

    • Actually, that could be normal cm. Unfortunately, every woman’s body is different so what is normal for one may be different for another. If this different from how things usually go for you, it could be a sign that you are pregnant. You should be able to test today to see if you are pregnant.

      • Rolena Collins

        Im 16 days past ovulation and all 3 test was negative..my af was due 31 its two days late..my symptoms are nausea,fatigue,tingling beast sometimes..maybe because i still breastfeed..the smell of cooking oil makes me want to puke..that is odd for me..im always horny..i mite get blood work dont this week..

  • Nesha

    So 1/1/15 I started my period it ended on 1/6/15 I had unprotected sex with my Bf on 1/8/15 and than on 1/10/15 I started bleeding again but it was brownish not heavy at all and only last for that day. Ive been checking my cervix every since and its been high and soft and kinda open I’ve been having creamy discharge and sometimes its clear and slippery ive been cramping on and off for weeks now. Im always hungry and tired. Ive noticed im more emotional then usual my boobs dont really hurt they just seem heavy. Today is 2/4/15 im a few days late on period. I tested last week put got a negative was it to early should I text again im having no signs of AF coming anytime soon other then the cramping. #help

    • angel

      You and I sound identical. Except my bf and i have sex every day ? My last period matches you and I’m still late today. Took a prego test it came out negative and I’ve randomly had egg white fluid and a bloody mixture. I have extremely sore boobs and headaches low back aches and a runny nose. Did you find out if your prego

  • solo rider

    If your trying to get pregnant take 1500-3000g of evening primrose oil capsules as it will regulate ur periods sort out ur PMS an level out ur hormones an prepares ur womb for conception an create more fertile mucus for sperm to survive, regulates ovulation but only take for 3 weeks out of a cycle till u know when ur ovulating then stop till that passes as causes slight contracting which might be bad for ur fertilised egg (may cause a lil change to first period after starting for the first month) an it does work I shouldn’t of been able to have children my self I took that 2 months before I started trying an I got pregnant first try with my child who is now 1yrs old but don’t make it a chore some women find it easier to not think about trying an it happens quickly so don’t give up hope there is things out there that can help there is always a way girls good luck 🙂

  • jenna

    I’m 2 days late. My cervix is high and soft, I keep feeling like I started my period but I check and it’s just a discharge it’s very watery but with a little white color, not stretchy. Usually my period is regular and I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 months.

    • I’m assuming that you have taken a pregnancy test? If it is negative, test again in a couple of days if your period doesn’t arrive.

  • Allison Safet

    I had the egg white discharge, have been having sex every other day to try and conceive, and now I have hardly any mucous to none at all. Possibility I’m pregnant? Period not due for another 16 days as I’m on a 34 day cycle on average

  • Natasha Stroud

    I have a creamy sticky an white cf does that mean im pregnant

  • I would continue taking pregnancy tests every couple of days until your period actually arrives. Sometimes pregnancy tests don’t work for some reason. If your period continues to stay away, you can ask your doctor for an ultrasound but they won’t do that until you are 8 to 10 weeks from your last period or longer. If you end up getting an ultrasound, and you are not pregnant, it would appear that all the spotting would be due to a hormonal imbalance that could be getting more substantial and creating a more irregular cycle.

    • Myah Jackson

      Okay.. Thank you so much…

  • Bobby

    My wife is 6 wks pregnant.. And her cervix is low. How long does it take for it to rise up.. Everytime we go to have sex. I stop cause I seen it’s making her uncomfortable it also frustrate me…

    • Ana Carattini

      try having sex with her doggy style might help the uterus and cervix to shift ..i have 6 children and i know it can be uncomfortable at times but be creative it helps loads…also try massaging her i know once pregnant some people say no to fingering but it helps especially if your gentile she might not be relaxed enough the kissing and fingering can make her relax enough for sex….hope it helps

  • whitney

    I had intercourse And couple days later had sex and spotted very lightly afterwards my period was supposed to come the day after first time. Mucus real heavy right now. Slight cramps in one of my sides and lower back pai. Still no cycle.

  • Niiro

    Me and my husband had intercourse almost every other day for about a week. I’m pretty sure I was ovulating at that time seeing how I was having clear stretchy cervical mucus. maybe a day later I was cramping lightly. That lasted about a week then stopped for a day or two and now its back a little bit worse tonight. I’m supposed to get my period on the 25th (of course Christmas lol). I also have had lightly tinged yellow cervical mucus a couple times (once with just a tiny strand of what looked like blood). Then other times it was a thick creamy white consistency…I don’t know if this could be signs of me being pregnant or not. I have a daughter but I ended up getting appendicitis early on in pregnancy and had it almost my whole preg. so I’m not sure what symptoms were from the ruptured appendix or being prego lol Btw she is now a wonderful healthy 1 year old 😀 If any one has any opinions, please let me know! Thanks and sorry this is so long!

  • jess

    I’m 12 weeks pregnant and had unprotected sex the other night. I had sooo much discharge afterwards and semen smell coming from me. Is this became my cervix is closed ??

  • Niiro

    I unfortunately was not :p but I am hoping I will get a BFP within the next few days. That’s actually funny that you are supposed to start the 25th because so am I! Haha Wouldn’t that be cool if we both ended up pregnant!!! 😀 lol Good luck to you and keep me updated!

  • Hoping and praying

    I took my 3 weeks of birth control (which was not taken as consistently as I should have taken them). The placebo week I had sex with my husband , but my period did not come. I am currently 14 days late , have had frequent headaches , some nausea, and a thick white mucus discharge. Pregnancy test was negative. Any advice?!

    • Jeanmare

      I have the same situation. Although I did get my period but now I’m supposed to ovulate again and I am not I don’t have my normal mucus also been experiencing nausea and headaches breasts have been sensitive for a full month now normally it’s just a few days before my period and then I also have the thick white mucus discharge in two days late on ovulation rain only have egg white discharge , although I’m not on birth control my husband and then I use natural family planning. I know of people who have had their period before and then they were pregnant so have you gotten any answers yet on your question somewhere else maybe?

      • Demetria Young

        I’m having a similar issue, I started taking the shot in January and never took it again as I bled the whole month of march. Well I had my period last week and it was very light and lasted there days. Well now I’m experiencing what feels like low blood sugar but that carries the same symptoms as pregnancy, nausea dizziness headaches etc. . I just gave birth in November. Could I possibly be pregnant and just going through gestational diabetes?

Last modified: February 10, 2013