Will My Body Temperature Go Down if I am Pregnant?

When you are in the first two weeks of your cycle your body temperature will be slightly lower, generally in the 97 to 97.5 degree range. However, once you begin ovulating you should expect your temperature to rise .4 to .6 degrees. If you are charting your basal body temperature then you should be able to tell when this happens. If you become pregnant then your body temperature will remain slightly higher for the rest of your pregnancy. So, once you become pregnant you should not anticipate a drop in body temperature.

The best way to determine your temperature is to take a basal body temperature. This is your resting temperature and should be taken after you have been resting for at least four hours. Generally, when you wake up first thing in the morning you will take your temperature and record it. If you take your basal body temperature after doing any moving around you could receive inaccurate results.

Women who are charting their temperature and see a drop after they have ovulated may not be pregnant or they may not be taking their temperature accurately. Other signs that you might be pregnant other than basal body temperature include nausea, missed period, increased urination, increased fatigue, problems sleeping, and breast tenderness.

If you are trying to conceive and engage in intercourse during your most fertile time only to see a drop in temperature afterward there is no need to get concerned. You may still be pregnant and that can be confirmed by a home pregnancy test. Or, you might have been calculating your body temperature incorrectly. Of course, it is possible that you just did not conceive and will have to try again next cycle.

  • JW

    I being doing the Thermo -method for about 7 years , I was using another kind of thermometer but it didn’t work so i need it another one went to Walmart and found one Basal thermometer I been taking my temperature every Morning but the thermometer gives me the same temperature every Morning so i was wondering that probably this thermometer its not accurate. any advice? mean while i find another one.

Last modified: February 10, 2013